How big is the Resident Evil 4 remake map?

The abandoned village in Resident Evil 4 remake.

The abandoned village in Resident Evil 4 remake.
March 23, 2023: With the game out new, we updated our guide to the Resident Evil 4 remake map!

Using what we know so far, we’ll tell you how big the Resident Evil 4 remake world map is. The Resident Evil 4 remake is finally here, and now lots of gamers are interested in this game’s world size.

Leaks have emerged showing a map of the game’s world, where you can see most of its locations. In this guide we'll break it down, while also recalling the world size of the original game to figure out the map size in the remake.

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The island map in Resident Evil 4 remake.
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Resident Evil 4 remake map size

Now we've played the game, we can confirmed that Capcom has not removed any major locations from the game. It means that you'll see all the major locations from the original game. That said, Capcom has not added any significant new areas to expand the game’s world.

Fortunately, we've already seen the map of the castle and the nearby village. These are pretty big locations, so you will have to spend a few hours exploring them. There will be the main Ganado village, their farm, the famous lake with the Del Lago boss, and other areas from the original game.

Also, the second part of the game takes place in the castle of Ramon Salazar and Los Iluminados, just like in the original. Even though the location itself doesn’t take as much space on the map as the Ganado territories, it is still huge, but mostly interior. There are dozens of corridors, halls, and dungeons that you will have to explore.

The third part of the original game takes place on an isolated island filled with mutated soldiers and creepy mutants. This place is back in all its horror-filled glory in the remake, complete with the Regenerador-infested lab area.

To wrap up, the Resident Evil 4 remake world map consists of three major locations, which are the village, the castle, and the island. So, it will be quite a big world for a survival horror game. It's definitely bigger than the world map of Resident Evil 2 remake, for example. Even better, all the locations we grew to love from the original return for the remake.

That's it for our look at the Resident Evil 4 map size! If you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our Resident Evil 4 remake Saddler boss guide, as well as whether the game is on Xbox Game Pass.

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