Redfall missions list - All quests confirmed

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Redfall: Multiple hunters are about to kill a vampire

Redfall is a new game from Arcane, and although it is a shooter, it can offer some good plot as well. Therefore, we will introduce you to the Redfall missions list so that you know what awaits you as you progress.

The action takes place on an island filled with vampires and cultists who must be destroyed by the main characters. There are 24 missions available that will take place on two maps: Redfall Common and Burial Point.

Redfall missions list

There is no correct order to follow if you want to do Redfall missions. When you complete a mission, new ones appear, and you can choose one of them or play the ones you unlocked earlier.

Depending on your skill, a single mission may take 30-45 minutes. You will invade vampire lairs, search for certain items, and track down powerful enemies. You can waste a lot of time if you get killed since you will be respawned at the Fire Station.

Redfall characters are looking at an unknown creature.
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Redfall Common missions

Below you can find a list of all Redfall Common missions:

  • Dead in the Water
  • Two Birds One Stone
  • A Grave Situation
  • A Grave Situation: Reward
  • A Grave Situation: Find the Doc
  • Giving You Tomorrow
  • The House of Echoes
  • A Voice in the Dark
  • Fall Like Lightning
  • The Hollow Man
  • Amelia’s Memorial
  • To the Other Side

Burial Point missions

Below is a list of all Burial Point missions:

  • Welcome to Burial Point
  • What Does Bellwether Know
  • Keeping Hope Alive
  • One of Us
  • Bloody Tom
  • What’s in the Attic
  • A Key to Wellness
  • Lost in the Fog
  • Kill Miss Whisper
  • Restore the Lighthouse
  • The Festival
  • The Black Sun

Redfall is a looter shooter in which, in addition to the main story missions, there are also side quests and encounters to be captured throughout the game world. Thus, the game resembles a hybrid of Far Cry and Borderlands. So we definitely recommend you to try every single mission the game has to offer!

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