How to change difficulty in Redfall

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Redfall: Multiple characters and a vampire

In this guide, you'll learn how to change the difficulty in Redfall and find out which mode is best for you. Games often have difficulty modes so that players can choose the level of challenge that suits them the most. Redfall is no exception, so here you can choose and later change the difficulty.

There are four difficulty levels in Redfall that you can try out and change if the game is too hard or easy for you. Be sure to follow the instructions below to achieve the desired result.

How to change difficulty in Redfall

Redfall: Characters looking at the sky
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In Redfall, you will encounter crowds of vampires that you will need to fight with. But for experienced gamers who are used to FPS game, simple combat can be boring. This is why the developers added several difficulty modes so that players can diversify their gameplay. The hardest one is unlocked after you complete the storyline. Below are all the possible difficulty modes:

  • Daylight (Easy) - These blood suckers are not prepared for you. Enemies are weaker.
  • Dusk (Medium) - Welcome to Redfall, vampires and all. Enemies are moderate.
  • Midnight (Hard) - Trip up and they will drain you dry. Enemies are tough.
  • Eclipse (Deadly) - The vampire gods are watching you, hungry for blood. Enemies are challenging.
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If you want to make the game harder or easier, you can do so by changing the difficulty with the instructions below:

  • First, you need to pause the game.
  • In the pause menu, go to the settings section.
  • In the settings, find the Gameplay tab and go to the General category.
  • After that, you can switch the difficulty level to the one you want.

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