Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - how to get False Swipe

Picture of Mr Jacq in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Picture of Mr Jacq in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon, there's a lot of very powerful moves that your Pokemon can use. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also introduced a lot of really unique and powerful moves as well. But one of the most coveted isn't an old move, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet False Swipe.

This move, while it doesn't have a high base power, is a move that will never out-right KO a Pokemon. It will always leave the Pokemon at one HP, making it much easier to catch. This is a really important move to have especially if you're going up against weaker wilds with a powerful team.

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How do I get Pokemon Scarlet and Violet False Swipe?

False Swipe is a TM that can only be found in the world in one place. In order to get it, you'll need to first take a Biology class at the Academy. Once you've completed that class, head over to the "Biology Room" and talk to Mr. Jacq.

He will ask for you to report back to him when you hit various milestones in completing the Paldea PokeDex. After catching 30 Pokemon, head back to Mr. Jacq and he'll reward you with some False Swipe TMs.

Once you've gotten the TM, you can now use the TM Machine crafting station at Pokemon Centers to craft additional False Swipe TMs. Here are the requirements to craft a False Swipe TM.

  • 3 Chewtle Claw
  • 3 Kricketot Shell
  • 400 League Points

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