Pokemon GO Chespin Community Day (January 2023) details - Hundo CP, shiny, and best Chesnaught moves

picture of chespin community day in Pokemon Go

picture of chespin community day in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Chespin community day is nearly upon us! This time, we have one of the starter Pokemon from Generation VI, Chespin! If you're a shiny hunter or a collector, now's the time to get catching!

Pokemon GO's Community Days give players a chance to come together in the real world to celebrate the game and catch a bunch of the featured Pokemon!

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When is the January 2023 Pokemon GO Community Day?

The January 2023 Chespin community day event in Pokemon GO is scheduled to happen on January 7, 2023 from 2PM to 5PM local time. You'll also have some time afterwards to evolve your Pokemon and gain any benefits that you'd have in the event.

What is the spotlight Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Community Day January 2023?

In this upcoming community event, the spotlight Pokemon is Chespin. This gives us some more chances to pick up the Generation VI starter. During this time, Chespin will spawn a lot more in the world. We'll also be able to take on Quilladin raids to help jumpstart the evolution train

What is the Chespin Community Day move?

For those who evolve Chespin into Chesnaught, or catch a Chesnaught during the event will have a special community day move. This move is Frenzy Plant, which is a 100 power charge move, that previously was only known by Smeargle.

What is the Chespin hundo CP?

If you're on the hunt for the hundo CP Chespin, then you're going to want to look out for a 1239 CP Chespin that isn't weather boosted.

Chesnaught moves - What's the best fast and charged move?

Chesnaught has a few different moves that it can have when you evolve into it. There's three fast moves and a total of five different charge moves. Those are as follows:

  • Fast Moves
    • Low Kick
    • Smack Down
    • Vine Whip
  • Charge Moves
    • Gyro Ball
    • Energy Ball
    • Superpower
    • Solar Beam
    • Frenzy Plant (Community Day)

Chesnaught does have some solid moves in it's arsenal. For its Fast Moves, each of these are solid options, with Smack Down being the strongest, but slowest of the bunch. For it's Charge Moves, Superpower, is great as it lowers stats. Solar Beam hits like a truck, but takes a while to charge up, so Frenzy Plant is a nice middle ground Charge Move to have.

Shiny Chespin odds - Can Chespin be shiny?

For the shiny hunters out there, Chespin can definitely be found as a shiny, but you'll see boosted odds during community day.

What are the Pokemon GO Community Day January 2023 bonuses?

With each Community Day event, there are various bonus that you'll be able to enjoy to make sure that you can catch as many Pokemon as possible, and evolve them during the event.

For the January Chespin event, here are the benefits we'll get:

  • 25% increased incubator distance
  • 2x catch bonus Stardust
  • 2x catch bonus candy
  • 2 special trades
  • Trade cost reduced by 50%
  • Incense duration increased to 3 hours
  • Lure Module duration increased to 3 hours

What is the special timed research on the Chespin Community Day?

While we don't know exactly what the Community Day special research will be, we expect that there will be one. In the past, these research missions have been locked behind the shop, but aren't typically very expensive to get.

And that's about all there is to say about Chespin community day right now. For more on what happened during the last, check out the Pokemon GO Teddiursa Community Day event page.

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