How to save in Pikmin 4

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A screenshot from the Pikmin 4 gameplay trailer.
Credit: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, Eighting

In Pikmin 4, you'll go on a lot of adventures and there's always that risk of losing your data of where you've been and the progress you've made. To avoid that, we've prepared for you this guide on how to save in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 features not only exploration but also combatting enemies, finding treasures, and solving puzzles. The real-time strategy game from Nintendo is sure to keep you playing for hours, and learning how to save can maintain your progress when you're not grinding the game.

How to save in Pikmin 4

Take note that to save your game in Pikmin 4, there are two ways to do this. One is by manually saving via the game's menu or relying on the autosave feature of the game. We'll be explaining how each method of saving works for the game.

Autosaving in Pikmin 4

A screenshot of the autosave feature in Pikmin 4.
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Credit: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, Eighting

Pikmin 4 has an autosave feature that allows your game's data and progress to be saved during certain points while playing the game. Autosaves are indicated by the P icon seen on the upper left side of your screen before closing the game. So be sure to let the game save before closing your device to avoid any unnecessary loss of data.

Similarly, the game has autosave points which are locations or particular moments which trigger the autosave feature. Here's a list of all the autosave points in Pikmin 4:

  • At the end of an in-game day
  • When entering a cave
  • When exiting a cave
  • When entering a new area
  • Buying items and gear at the Lab
  • After training Oatchi

Manually saving in Pikmin 4

If you want to save your game's progress when not at the aforementioned autosave points, you can manually save your data through the game's menu screen.

A screenshot of the manual save feature in Pikmin 4.
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Credit: Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, Eighting

To gain access to manual save, you need to be at a Rescue Command post. You must first open your menu screen and then hit the Save and Return to Title option. Take note though that this option won't be available when you're exploring caves or other locations on the map so be sure to find the nearest Rescue Command Post if you plan to end your gaming session in the meantime.

Additionally, remember that you can create up to three save files for Pikmin 4. If you're saving while playing though, the saved data will automatically overwrite the file you're already playing on.

That covers pretty much all the information we have on how to save in Pikmin 4. While you're still here, you can browse through our other guides on the game such as how to increase maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4 and how long to beat Pikmin 4.

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