Persona 5 Royal Incense - Where to get it and how to use it

Joker in the Velvet Room prison

Joker in the Velvet Room prison

The world of Persona can be very overwhelming, so it's easy to get lost in terms of what each item does. Here, we'll explain Persona 5 Royal Incense, and why you should use it.

As Joker, you'll naturally be spending plenty of time in the Velvet Room. Here you'll be fusing new Personas, improving skills, and filling up the compendium. There are many functions that Igor offers, and items like Incense can help to get even better results.

If you're new to Persona 5, or returning to play it on a new system, check out our review of Persona 5 Royal on Nintendo Switch. We've got a handy guide to all the Confidants and Palaces too, alongside some beginner tips if you're not sure where to start.

What are Persona 5 Royal Incense items?

The variety of Incenses are all usable items in the Velvet Room, and help to boost specific stats of a Persona during its Lockdown. These weren't involved in Persona 5, and were added in Royal, as they are only purchasable in Kichijoji.

To harness the power of Incense items, you'll need to put Personas into lockdown. This is a kind of special training in the Velvet Room, that will slowly raise random stats as the Persona is in there. With Incense, you can control which stats raise, instead of leaving it to chance.

There is also an achievement that unlocks when using Incense for the first time. Yes, when you put a Persona in Lockdown with an Incense, you'll earn the Intensive Training trophy.

Justine and Caroline, the Velvet Room attendants, in Persona 5
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How to use Incense in Persona 5 Royal

In order to use Incense items, you'll need to have reached rank three with the Strength Confidant. These are the Velvet Room attendants, Justine and Caroline. Rank three will unlock the Lockdown feature, and with it, Incense use.

While you choose a Persona to put into Lockdown training, there will be an option to put an Incense on to burn, to influence their stats. You can get Incenses pertaining to each stat type, and some can even work on two different stats as they burn. Each Incense takes at least two in-game days to burn out.

We recommend visiting the Fortune Teller Chihaya before using an Incense and asking for a Celetial Reading. This costs 20,000 Yen, but will double the Incense's effect while it burns. This does require your Confidant rank to be quite high with Chihaya, however.

You can also harness Fusion Alarms to boost the effectiveness of your Incense. These are random events that happen in the Velvet Room as you explore Palaces.

Where do I get Incense from in Persona 5 Royal?

The best and easiest way to get Incense is to purchase it at Mantra Ganda Incense Shop in Kichijoji. This is one of the new vendors added in Royal, so will be new to anyone who only played the original Persona 5 release.

You can also buy Incense items from the Home Shopping Program on the TV in Leblanc. Equally, you can find Jose in Mementos, who will have some for sale.

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