Only Up speedrun record time

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Only Up gameplay

Speedruns are a very popular phenomenon in the gaming community, and if you are interested in the Only Up speedrun record time, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you about the players who managed to complete this hardcore game in less than half an hour.

Also, we will explain to you where to find videos with new records and information about them. You can explore Only Up with the help of these users, as they often abuse different glitches.

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What is the Only Up speedrun record time?

The character in Only Up
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Credit: SCKR Games
Only Up speedruns are insane!

There are several categories of Only Up speedruns that apply different rules to speedrunners. The most popular section is the standard playthrough without glitches. According to the website, the current Only Up speedrun record time in this category is held by Distortion2.

Here’s a list of all Only Up speedrun categories and their record times:

  • Any% No Major Glitches – Distortion2 – 19m 42s
  • Any% Unrestricted – ShadeYT – 33s
  • Bedless Unrestricted – wu_hui_NoreGret – 41m 16s
  • Bedless No Major Skips – supr3me – 50m 39s
  • All Collectibles – wRadion – 30m 29s

However, this game came out just a month ago and the competition there is fierce. So, it is likely that these records will be beaten in the future. If you want to monitor these speedruns, then you can use websites like that we mentioned in this article.

What is Only Up and why are its speedruns so popular?

Only Up is a game where you need to climb on top of different objects and deal with various hindrances. The higher you get, the harder your path becomes.


Your character will start in some slums at the bottom of the world and will have to go through skyscrapers, the heavens, and even space. It is easy to fall down there, and that fact makes Only Up speedruns really exciting to watch.

Check out some of these speedruns and perhaps they will inspire you to become a speedrunner! Also, if you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on whether Only Up will feature a multiplayer mode.

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