Can you save in Only Up?

Only Up orange slices in the air platforming

Only Up orange slices in the air platforming

If you have a busy schedule, you might be wondering if you can save in Only Up. Only Up is a game that puts you at risk of losing all your progress with a single mistake. Naturally, it's not always possible to have the time to finish the game in a single run, because life comes up.

There's a bit of resistance against the options of saves as well, and it goes a bit against the developing philosophy for Only Up. However, for accessibility purposes, a save option may be added. Let's see how the developers plan on dealing with players asking for the ability to save in Only Up.

Is there a save feature in Only Up?

There is some good news and bad news. Firstly, there is currently no save feature in Only Up. However, we checked the patch notes for the game, and saw some comments from the developers on this issue on May 28, 2023.

Over there, the developers from SCKR Games stated that the concept of the game is to face increasing pressure and risk as you make more progress. This is why they initially opted to skip the feature to save in Only Up. However, due to player feedback and to provide accessibility options to people with disabilities, they have stated:

"But for people with disabilities in the future will be a mode with checkpoints with game preservation."

The existence of these options does not mean that the experience is ruined by practices such as abusing save files. That is completely optional and depends on the player. It's similar to the Elevator mechanic, which allows you to skip most of the game. However, the save feature in Only Up will probably have good real-time saving that doesn't let you recover from a fall by quitting the game.

Regardless, it's a good thing that the developers chose to add the option to save in Only Up, which makes the game a lot more accessible for those of us with busy lives. You can check out the full patch notes and developer comments here.

That's all you need to know about the save feature in Only Up! If you're looking for more Only Up content, check out if the game has multiplayer.

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