How long it takes to beat Only Up

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Only Up top of mountain clouds lens flare snow and a tree

When you're looking to start a new game, it's important to consider how long it's going to take to beat. It's usually simple to figure out how long this will take based on other players. However, when calculating how long it takes to beat Only Up, this is not the case.

Only Up is a platformer game that challenges you with its various obstacle courses and the objective is to complete the game in one go. However, you can lose all your hard-earned progress at any given moment. This means your skill level is what will determine how long it takes you to beat Only Up.

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How long does it take to beat Only Up?

Some players have reported that they were able to beat Only Up within 2-3 hours. However, as we mentioned earlier, this does not mean that the same applies to everyone. In fact, some people take as long as 16 hours before they're able to finally beat the game.

This is because falling will reset a lot of your progress and you will have to attempt the game's obstacle course all over again. Moreover, if you have a careful and slow playstyle it'll take you longer as well. Lastly, for the completionist crowd, it's going to take you a while longer to experience all the paths of Only Up.

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We've grabbed some stats from HowLongToBeat and on average people are taking around 4 hours to beat the game normally and 8 while doing it at a leisurely pace. However, note that these stats are taken from only 14 players so they don't represent a proper sample size.

The fastest time people have taken to beat the game there is around 1 hour. However, there are videos of people speedrunning the game within 20-30 minutes without abusing any major teleportation glitches.


So, depending on your skill level, it will take the average player roughly 8-10 hours to beat Only Up.

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