Omega Strikers tier list (May 2023) - Best goalie and forward characters for launch

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May 18, 2023: Omega Strikers is out now, so let's take a look at our character rankings in the tier list below!

Are you looking to get into Omega Strikers and aren't sure who you want to play? With the plethora of characters to choose from, that decision could be a bit daunting. Well, that's where our Omega Strikers tier list will help you out immensely.

Omega Strikers is an anime-style 3v3 soccer game where the aim of the game is to out-score (and out-fight) your opponent.

The game, after a couple of delays, has now got its global release, available on PC (via Steam), mobile platforms, and the Nintendo Switch. Those that played the beta or are jumping in for the first time may be wondering who the best Omega Strikers are - these two tier lists (separated into Goalies and Forwards) are here to answer that.

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Omega Strikers tier list

There are two-tier lists that we'll give you. The first one is the Forward tier list. These characters are on the front line, trying to score goals and knock out opponents from the ring.

Omega Strikers Forward tier list

Rank Characters
SAi.Mi, Julette, Era
AEstelle, Drek'Ar
BLuna, X, Rasmus, Zentaro

Kicking off our tier list in the C-tier is Juno. She is a character that takes quite a bit of effort and skill to make work well, but unfortunately, she doesn't really have great payoffs for that effort.

Coming in the B-tier, we have Luna and X. Luna has some great projectile and range capabilities, but her dash being as random and chaotic as it is, holds her back from the top tiers.

X is a brawler who can dish out serious hurt on the opposing team, but some of his abilities are delayed before coming out, so this can mess things up if timed incorrectly.

For our A-tier characters, we have Estelle and Drek'Ar. Estelle has solid mobility and a great long-range skill that can get the first hit on the core. Her special also has a decently wide arc, so it can hit multiple targets and the core as well to turn the tides.

Drek'Ar is very similar in that he has solid mobility, a wide hitting ability and a fairly long-range hitting projectile. These characters let you contest the core early and be able to follow up on any advantages gained with ease.

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The S-tier characters are the tip-top best. We have Ai'Mi, Juliette and Era in this tier. Though Juliette is one of the first characters that you get access to in the game, she's a nimble and deadly striker to deal with.

Era is a great all-around striker. She can give her team a major Haste buff, has a medium-range skill shot, and her special builds up and can quickly knock out a goalie or unsuspecting forward.

Ai'Mi is the newest character in the game, and she's quite the forward. She has great mobility with a blink that can deal a heavy hit in an arc. She also has a projectile that grows in size as it travels and also can pop down a turret that fires a line of projectiles in a direction. This makes for some serious space control and damage.

Omega Strikers Goalie tier list

Rank Characters
SAsher, Kai

The next tier list that we have is the Goalie tier list. These characters are meant to play defence and stop the enemy team from scoring goals.

Starting in our B-tier, we have Dubu, the giant hamster. He's one of the first goalies that you're introduced to. While he does have solid skills, he's quickly outclassed by the other goalies on the list.

For our A-tier, we have Atlas. Atlas is an excellent goalie with a couple of great abilities that can help knock players and the core away from the goal. His special also will help save any players who are KO'd and heals players constantly.

For our S-tier, we have Asher and Kai. Asher is a defensive powerhouse with multiple abilities that stop opponents in their tracks. She also has floating barriers. What's not to like?


The other S-tier is Kai. Kai is a fast-paced defender who can get in front of things quickly. His skills, though, lend him towards being a defensive forward, so he's flexible in a lot of spots and can play well with a solid aggro team.

And that's what we have for you! Three more characters are getting added to the game so far that we know of, and there will surely be balance changes, so be sure to check back once in a while to see if there are any changes to the tier list.

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