Omega Strikers codes (January 2024) - Free emotes, coins and more

Key art for Omega Strikers

Key art for Omega Strikers
January 1, 2024: We've updated our list of Omega Strikers codes.

Looking for some freebies in Omega Strikers? Well, you're in luck! Our Omega Strikers codes list will give you all available codes to redeem in-game for some awesome freebies.

Omega Strikers is a 3v3 anime-style hero soccer game featuring a wide roster of characters, each with unique abilities that can be combined to create team-specific strategies.

The game has recently received its global launch and is available on PC (via Steam), mobile platforms, and the Nintendo Switch - sorry, PlayStation and Xbox gamers, you will have to wait.

Omega Strikers codes reward players with in-game emotes and skins, some featuring popular streamers such as "Sykkuno" and "DrLupo" and various esports teams that have competed in the game's nascent competitive scene.

New Omega Strikers codes (January 2024)

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

Omega Strikers Codes

New PRIDEMoist Asher Skin
MoistVSMoist Asher Skin
RakinVSArtilheira Juliette Skin
LilyVSSweet Bee Juno Skin
5UP5UP Emoticon
ASUASU Esports Association Emotion
BLAUBlau Emoticon
CODEPlaceholder2 Emoticon
DRLUPODrLupo Emoticon
COMFYLily Emoticon
DYRUSDyrus Emoticon
RAKINRakin Emoticon
TORITori Emoticon
HAFUHafu Emoticon
NECRITPlaceholder Emoticon
NEMUNemu Emoticon
MOISTMoist Emoticon
RAYDITZRayditz Emoticon
DUCKYDucky Emoticon
TACOIKeepItTaco Emoticon
LESLERSFuslie Emoticon
SYKKUNOSykkuno Emoticon
TUONTOTuonto Emoticon
HAMBURGERHamburger Emoticon
KING King Emoticon
CHICO Chico Emoticon
DUSSELDORFDusseldorf Emoticon
BOSTONBoston College Gaming Emoticon
BRUINGGBruin Gaming Emoticon
CMUCMU Emoticon
ENVIOSITYEnviosity Emoticon
ESPORTSFSEsports Club at Florida State Emoticon
GARDENSTATEGarden State Esports Emoticon
GCUGCU Esports Emoticon
ILLINIIllini Esports Emoticon
HARRISBURGHarrisburg University of Science and Technology Emoticon
IENIEN Emoticon
IHSEAIHSEA Esports Emoticon
VIENNAVienna Emoticon
KEANKean University Emoticon
LIBERTYLiberty Esports Emoticon
MSSTATEMississippi State University Esports Emoticon
NVCCNorthern Virginia Community College Emoticon
NWCIOWA Northwestern College Emoticon
OHIOSTATEOhio State University Emoticon
HNORTHERNOhio Northern University Esports Emoticon
OKWESLEYANOklahoma Wesleyan University Emoticon
PURDUEPurdue University Gamers Group Emotion
RUTGERSRutgers Esports Emoticon
RWURoger Williams University Emoticon
SHERIDANSheridan Esports Emoticon
SLIPPERYROCKSlippery Rock Esports Emoticon
SPARTANSSpartans Emoticon
STCLAIRSaint Clair University Esports Emoticon
STLOUISSaint Louis University Esports Emoticon
TEMPLETemple Esports Emoticon
TXSTTXST Esports Emoticon
UBCUBC Emoticon
UCFUCF Esports Emoticon
UNCCHUNC Chapel Hill Esports Emoticon
UOTTAWAUOttawa Esports Emoticon
UWRFUWRF Esports Emoticon
UWSTOUTUW Stout Esports Emoticon
WATERLOOWaterloo Warriors Emoticon
WILDCATSWildcats Emoticon
WINTHROPWinthrop University Emoticon

Expired Codes


How to redeem Omega Strikers codes

Redeeming these codes is a pretty easy thing to do. The first thing you'll have to do is unlock the store by completing the first set of missions. Once the store is unlocked, you can redeem codes.

On the main screen, click the "Store" icon in the top left. Then click on the "Coupon" button at the bottom of the screen. Input your code and click Submit. If you do it right, then the window will disappear, and you should have your reward.

What are Omega Strikers codes?

Omega Strikers codes are free codes that can be redeemed in-game for various rewards. For the moment, the only codes that are available are for emotes that can be displayed in-game.

The developers actively put more codes in the game every patch, especially more collegiate esports club codes.

What if my Omega Strikers codes don't work?

If you get an error code while redeeming your codes, then there are a few things you can do. The codes are case-sensitive, so make sure that you're typing the codes in correctly, or copy and paste them from our list into the field. If they still don't work, try restarting the game. If all else fails, the codes may be either invalid or expired.

And that's all the codes we have for you! Be sure to check back regularly for more codes as they're added to the game.

If you're looking for more Omega Strikers content, then be sure to check out our Omega Strikers tier list. This will detail all the characters in the game and where they stack up against each other, so you know what the right character to pick is for your matches.

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