New World garlic locations

Multiple characters are about to fight in New World.

Multiple characters are about to fight in New World.

Even though New World is hardly associated with food, the game has an exciting cooking system. Here you can find many ingredients, and New World garlic is one of the game’s most scarce cooking resources. Not only beginners but also many experienced players struggle to find garlic in New World.

Read this guide and find the best garlic locations in New World. Moreover, there will be a few useful tips that will allow you to obtain garlic faster.

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How to get garlic in New World

Like any other herb in New World, garlic can be obtained by looting in large tall grass. Also, keep in mind that you can harvest the grass only once it has flowers at the top.

Once you find the desired grass, you should equip the Sickle and harvest it. By doing it, you will get one of the available herbs as a random reward. Unfortunately, garlic is the rarest herb in New World. It has an extremely low chance of dropping by harvesting grass, and the maximum number of garlic you can get per single harvest is two.

Two characters are fighting the ghost in New World.
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Where to find garlic in New World

Even though most people consider garlic to be found all over the map, there are only two locations in New World where you can find garlic. Below, there is a detailed guide about every location where you can find garlic in New World.


Everfall is the primary location for finding garlic in New World. This area is just in the middle of the map. Therefore, there will be no problems finding it, even if you are a beginner. Once you are in Everfall, visit the west area of this location. It is one of the best places for finding garlic in New World. Also, a perfect option is to check the north and south side of Everfall. Here you can find not only garlic, but also various other important resources.


The second and last area where you can find garlic in New World is Brightwood. Fortunately, Brightwood is located a stone’s throw from Everfall. There will be no problem with getting here. The main disadvantage of Brightwood is that this area is full of dangerous creatures eager to kill you. Therefore, it would be best not to visit this place until you reach level 30.

Once you are level 30 or higher, feel free to head to the southwest area of Brightwood to get a lot of garlic fast. Also, make sure to check other areas of this location. You can find a lot of garlic here.

That’s it for finding garlic in New World. Also, take into account that the developers might easily add new spawn points for this herb in further updates. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on the best bow build in New World.

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