NBA 2K23 - How to get early access

Image of a basketball player dribbling the ball in NBA 2K23.

Image of a basketball player dribbling the ball in NBA 2K23.

Want to get NBA 2K23 early access? There's nothing better than getting in early on a big game, but that especially applies in the sports genre. Those precious few days of extra playtime can help you learn new mechanics, prepared to head onto the court and start laying waste to your opponents.

In this NBA 2K23 guide, we'll break down whether or not you can get early access to the latest entry. Mechanics like this don't appear in every game hitting the market, so there's always some speculation as to whether it'll be the case for NBA 2K23 or not.

Elsewhere, feel to read up on all things FIFA 23. We've got a look at when the web app should launch, which will be your first chance to start trading in Ultimate Team. Alongside the beta that's live now and our predicted player ratings, we'll get you ready for its release.

How do I get early access to NBA 2K23?

Unfortunately, there are no early access options for NBA 2K23. No matter where you pre order the game or which package you buy, the first chance you'll get to play it is upon the public release.

That'll no doubt come as bad news to NBA 2K fans eager to get their hands on the latest game early. It isn't too much of a surprise though, because 2K Games has yet to announce any sort of early access scheme for the latest NBA game.

Even worse, there isn't even an annual demo for fans to try this year. It seems that 2K Games is keeping a tight lid on the next game in the series.

However, NBA 2K22, the previous entry, also didn't have an early access option. Therefore, it's very possible that this early sneak-peek feature is simply finished in terms of NBA 2K.

The only choice players have in getting onto NBA 2K23 as early as possible is by pre ordering digitally. If you do so on your platform of choice, you should be able to pre-load the game a little closer to release. That ensures the files are already downloaded on your system. Then, when the game goes live, you'll be able to hop straight in when the clock strikes midnight.

Image of a basketball player in NBA 2K23.
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Will there ever be early access for NBA 2K23?

While you can never say never, the chances for any announcement of NBA 2K23 early access are very slim. At the time of writing, the game is only a few days away from its release, so a scheme such as this would've been released by now.

Since early access schemes such as this are usually tied to specific pre order packages, the chances are we'd already know by now. Therefore, you'll have to wait until launch day to get your first NBA 2K23 matches in.

That's it for our look at NBA 2K23 early access! While it's bad news for now, fortunately the game is still fairly close to release.

In the meantime, feel free to read up on the FIFA 23 chemistry changes, that will drastically alter your Ultimate Team experience.

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