My Singing Monsters breeding guide

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An Island filled with Singing Monsters
Credit: Steam

There are a number of ways to get new Monsters in My Singing Monsters, however, using the My Singing Monsters breeding system is arguably the most important one. The game mechanic is unlocked at Level 7 along with the Breeding Structure, which allows players the choice of two Monsters to be bred together.

In order to understand how to breed Monsters, we must first understand why we're doing this. Monsters generate coins, which can be collected and then used to buy everything else on the island. Whether it's upgrading your castle or buying more Monsters from the store, you will need coins to do so.


The rarer the Monster, the more coins they will produce. The Market in the game will only offer Single Element Monsters, such as Noggin, who on their own won't produce much at all. Once they are bred with others though, the opportunities are almost endless, and the process of figuring out the best combinations can be a lot of fun too.

My Singing Monsters Breeding combinations and times

'The basics

Combining Monsters of two or more elements can result in new monsters, or ones just like the parents.'
A handy Breeding Guide

The process of breeding is simple. All it requires is two Monsters of different species that are Level 4 or above to be placed in the Breeding Structure. There will be a time required to wait to see the outcome of the breeding attempt, which can become important later on when trying to obtain a specific Monster.

There are also odds and specific combinations that must be taken into account as special Monsters and Decorations are unlocked. The new Monster will be a combination of all the elements present combined, which can become increasingly difficult as these combinations result in Double, Triple and even Quad Element Monsters. This is due to the fact that if the same element is present in both of the parents, a unique Monster will not result from breeding and instead, the player will receive a duplicate of one of the parents.

This table is an example of how to combine unique elements in order to produce a unique Monster.

Monster Element Class Breeding Combination Breeding Time
NogginEarthPurchase from Market5 Seconds
FwogEarth WaterEarth - Noggin Water - Toe Jammer30 Minutes
MawWater ColdWater - Toe Jammer Cold - Mammott30 Minutes
T-RoxEarth Water ColdEarth - Noggin Water and Cold - Maw8 Hours
BowgartPlant Water ColdPlant and Cold - Fucorn Water- Toe Jammer12 Hours
EntbratPlant Earth Water ColdPlant, Water and Cold - Bowgart Earth - Noggin 24 Hours
KaynaFirePurchase from Market7 Hours
FwogEarth WaterEarth - Noggin Water - Toe Jammer30 Minutes
DrumplerEarth ColdEarth - Noggin Cold - Mammott30 Minutes
MawWater Cold Water - Toe Jammer Cold - Mammott30 Minutes
DandidooAir PlantAir - Tweedle Plant - Noggin8 Hours
QuibbleAir WaterAir - Tweedle Water - Toe Jammer8 Hours
CybopAir EarthAir - Tweedle Earth - Noggin8 Hours
PangoAir ColdAir - Tweedle Cold - Mammott8 Hours
ShrubbPlant EarthPlant - Potbelly Earth - Noggin8 Hours
OaktopusPlant WaterPlant - Potbelly Water - Toe Jammer8 Hours
FurcornPlant ColdPlant - Potbelly Cold - Mammott8 Hours
GlowlAir FireAir - Tweedle Fire - Kayna 8 Hours
FlowahPlant FirePlant - Potbelly Fire - Kayna10 Hours
StoggEarth FireEarth - Noggin Fire - Kayna10 Hours
PhanglerWater FireWater - Toe Jammer Fire - Kayna10 Hours
BoskusCold FireCold - Mammott Fire - Kayna10 Hours
T-RoxEarth Water ColdEarth - Noggin Water, Cold - Maw8 Hours
PummelEarth Water PlantEarth - Noggin Water, Plant - Oaktopus12 Hours
ClamblePlant Water EarthPlant, Cold - Furcorn Earth - Noggin 12 Hours
BowgartPlant Water ColdPlant, Cold - Furcorn Water - Toe Jammer 12 Hours
SpungeAir Plant WaterAir, Plant - Dandidoo Water - Toe Jammer12 Hours
ThumpiesAir Plant ColdAir, Plant - Dandidoo Cold - Mammott12 Hours
CongleAir Water ColdAir, Cold - Pango Water - Toe Jammer12 Hours
PomPomAir Earth ColdAir, Cold - Pango Earth - Noggin12 Hours
ScupsAir Earth WaterAir, Water - Quibble Earth - Noggin12 Hours
Reedling Air Plant EarthAir, Plant - Dandidoo Earth - Noggin20 Hours
RepatilloPlant Earth FirePlant, Earth - Flowah Earth - Noggin20 Hours
FloogullAir Fire EarthAir, Fire - Glowl Earth - Noggin20 Hours
BarrbAir Plant FireAir, Fire - Glowl Plant - Potbelly20 Hours
WhaddleAir Fire WaterAir, Fire - Glowl Water - Toe Jammer20 Hours
WoolabeeAir Fire ColdAir, Fire - Glowl Cold - Mammott20 Hours
WynqWater Cold FireWater - Toe Jammer Cold, Fire - Boskus20 Hours
RootitootPlant Fire WaterPlant, Fire - Flowah Water - Toe Jammer20 Hours
ZiggurabEarth Cold FireEarth - Noggin Cold, Fire - Boskus20 Hours
ThrumbleWater Earth FireWater, Fire - Phangler Earth - Noggin20 Hours
SoozaPlant Cold FirePlant, Fire - Flowah Cold - Mammott24 Hours
EntbratPlant Water Cold EarthPlant, Water, Cold - Bowgart Earth - Noggin24 Hours
DeedgeAir Plant Water ColdAir, Plant, Cold - Thumpies Water - Toe Jammer24 Hours
RiffAir Earth Water ColdAir, Water, Cold - Congle Earth - Noggin 24 Hours
ShellbeatAir Plant Earth WaterAir, Plant, Water - Spunge Earth - Noggin24 Hours
QuarristerAir Plant Earth ColdAir, Plant, Cold - Thumpies Earth - Noggin24 Hours
TringAir Plant Earth FireAir, Plant, Fire - Barrb Earth - Noggin40 Hours
SneyserAir Water Cold FireAir, Fire, Cold - Woolabee Water - Toe Jammer40 Hours

Legendary Shugafam Monsters

As each combination becomes more complex, the Breeding Time increases. While you can use any of the Monsters with the correct elements for the process, there will always be an optimal pairing in order to create each monster.


For example, for Entbrat, if you use a T-Rox and Potbelly and the breeding fails, you will only have to wait 9 hours, rather than 12 hours with the other combinations.

However, special Monsters such as Ethereals and Mythicals aren't created by using an element combination. Instead, they require a specific Monster combination. These are very rare Monsters and will have significant breeding times of sometimes days at a time.

It does not matter which order you place the Monsters into the Breeding structure either. The Breeding Time and elements needed will always remain the same and will be unaffected by which Monster is on which side.

My Singing Monsters breeding odds

There are also Breeding Odds at work in the game. The rarer the Monster you're trying to breed, the less likely you are to be successful. However, there are a few ways that you can improve your odds.

  • Light Wishing Torches.
  • Island Skins will double torch effects but are expensive.
  • Level up your Monsters to at least Level 15.
  • Find the optimal combinations.

My Singing Monsters events

The events in My Singing Monsters can influence what monsters will be bred in the game quite significantly. Some of these can be quite obvious, such as the Season Events like Halloween which enable the breeding of special Seasonal monsters.

These are important to keep in mind, as they are made using often pre-existing combinations. A Bowgart and a T-Rox is the best way to breed for Rare Mammotts with a six-hour breeding time, but if a Seasonal Event is live, then this combination can result in a Punkleton with an eighteen-hour breeding time.

Rare Monsters are another variant that can be obtained through either a Rare Breeding Event or being bought from the shop on Wednesdays. They will have longer breeding times and possibly different likes, but these are offset by the fact that Rare counterparts will generate more Coins or Shards.

Special Monsters

There are some Monsters that follow rules that only apply to them. The first of these are Etherals. These are a type of Monster that is always available to breed, but there are a list of strict criteria that must be met first.


While they are available on each of the Natural Islands, they must be fed to Level 15 and teleported back to their home world of Ethereal Island before they can be bred. Then, they can be bred with either a Triple Element Monster or a Quad element Monster. These attempts only have a 1% chance of success, however, and will take from between eight hours to over a day.

There are other Monsters that can only be found on certain islands, such as the Shugabush, which is exclusive to Plant Island. It can be obtained through breeding Bowgart and Clamble, but this has a very low success rate and is considered a very rare event.

Once a Shugabush has been fed up to Level 15, it can be transported to Shugabush Island. This island has a unique set of breeding combinations, all of which use the Shugabush Monster.

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