Modern Warfare 2 max rank and prestige explained

Three soldiers and a tank in Modern Warfare 2

Three soldiers and a tank in Modern Warfare 2

If you're finally starting up in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, you may wonder what the max rank is and how prestige works. Fortunately, your quest to hitting the highest levels isn't too tough.

In this Modern Warfare 2 guide, we'll go over everything we know about the ranking system, prestige, and a few of the best guns to help you level up more efficiently. As well as this, we'll explore how to level up fast, so you can prestige even quicker.

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Modern Warfare 2 max rank and prestige explained

In Modern Warfare 2, the max rank is 55. This should take you a fairly long time to reach. Each weapon will have its own level, too. Alongside this, you can find new long-term and daily challenges to finish.

The prestige system will work similarly to the Call of Duty games of the last few years. Essentially, every season, you'll get access to a few more prestige tiers. Once you hit level 55, you can reset back down to prestige one level one, until you reach a max limit. That limit will increase with each new season, to keep players coming back and levelling up.

A group of soldiers in Modern Warfare 2
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Modern Warfare 2 best weapons to level up

Of course, you may want to know which guns will aid you best as you level up. These aren't the guns that earn you the most XP per sé, but they'll augment your play style to help you perform better and get through ranks quickly.

For most encounters, we put the Lachman 556 and Kastov 74u at the top of our list. They are both quick and deadly but can also be fired at range. Enemies die very quickly in Modern Warfare 2, so you need a weapon that hits a good middle ground between fire rate and range.

The Lachmann 556 is a 30-round assault rifle capable of use in both semi- and full-auto modes. This change in fire modes gives you a more versatile gun to use in encounters.

The Kastov 74u did a lot of damage in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, primarily down to its incredibly quick fire rate and light weight. If you need something to sprint around with, this is an excellent choice.

How to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2

First, you should check to see if you can get any XP tokens. Some chains and shops give away tokens with their items, and you may get some as a pre order bonus too.

From here, figure out which modes you perform best in. If you play really well in Domination, for example, this is what you should be playing. Not only will you get higher up the scoreboard, but you'll likely get a higher total score each match, resulting in more XP.

It's also important to work out an ideal loadout. This will keep you alive and hitting, to develop the highest match score you can, which of course translates to XP. Practice and play and you should level up in no time.

If you're looking to build out your class, check out our loadout guides for the Minibak, RPK, STB 556, and Victus XMR. If you are looking for even more information, here are all the attachments in the game, and the best Modern Warfare 2 launchers.

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