Best Modern Warfare 2 launchers 2022

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JOKR being shot in Modern Warfare 2
October 26, 2022: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is right around the corner. Find the strongest launchers to use below!

If you are about to play the game and looking for the best Modern Warfare 2 launcher, this is everything we know so far. Being the game’s central way of blowing things up, launchers include pretty much anything that fires explosives.

In this, we go over what we believe to be the best Modern Warfare 2 launcher, alongside a tier list of all the launchers confirmed so far. We've crammed in as much information as possible, so you can build out your classes and approach to the game with explosions at the forefront!

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What is the best Modern Warfare 2 launcher?

Though this is based on our opinion and play style, we think the best launcher in Modern Warfare 2 is the RPG-7. This gun is classic for a reason. Being one of the quicker weapons on this list, it packs a punch and can be reloaded at a decent pace. You can almost run and gun with it, something strange for a launcher.

Though it is not quite as good at taking down vehicles in the air, it is balanced and easy to use. This makes it our favourite launcher in the game.

A soldier holding an RPG in Modern Warfare 2
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Modern Warfare 2 launcher tier list

Tier Launcher

As is to be expected, the RPG-7 is our favourite launcher in the game.

After this comes the PILA. Though it is not quite as quick as the RPG-7, it comes with the ability to free-fire or lock on, making it a versatile choice. It is good for taking down vehicles, but can also be used in a pinch to take down a cluster of enemies.

Being rather similar to the Javelin, the JOKR finishes out our list. Though it can be very strong, you can only fire it when locking onto an area. This makes it quite hard to use on the fly. You have to pick out a spot, and wait for the right time to fire. When a battle can change direction in an instant, this can leave you unprepared.

How to use launchers in Modern Warfare 2

Launchers are best used from mid-range, giving you the ability to accurately fire it whilst not taking explosive damage. It generally shouldn't be your main weapon, but can be great at clearing out an area or even just scaring the enemy.

If a few of your foes have bunkered down in a position, you can scare them out with a launcher and pick them off with your main weapon. They are also incredibly valuable as your enemies start to call in their kill streaks.

How many launchers are in Modern Warfare 2?

As of launch, there are three launchers in Modern Warfare 2. These three all have different approaches, as detailed in our tier list above.

There's a good chance that, as the game develops, even more will arrive. As such, we'll update our list as soon as we know more!

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