Can you swim in Modern Warfare 3?

Soldiers swimming in Modern Warfare 3.

Soldiers swimming in Modern Warfare 3.

The question of if you can swim in Modern Warfare 3 is a very inquisitive one, as players eager to get stuck into the game will want to know what sort of missions and campaign objectives are included within the upcoming game. With Modern Warfare 3 set to be released on November 10, 2023, we’ll be covering a lot of the things that fans can expect of this legendary title.

In this article, we’re going to look at the possibility of swimming in Modern Warfare 3, so you know whether underwater action is on the cards.

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Can players swim in Modern Warfare 3?

So far, there hasn’t been any official word from the game developers that explicitly claim that swimming is part of Modern Warfare 3. Therefore, we're left to assume that you may not be able to swim in Modern Warfare 3.

However, based on footage from the official gameplay trailer, we have promising news to reveal. Modern Warfare 3 looks set to have open combat missions that provide for greater player choice, with specific stealth segments where you sneak up on enemies underwater using a squadron of soldiers working collaboratively in order to complete overall mission objectives.

Modern Warfare 3 campaign mode featuring two covert operatives on an underwater mission
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Credit: Activision

The picture above showcases a sneak peak of what this experience looks like within the game. Furthermore, if you look more attentively at the beginning of the official trailer video sequence, you’ll spot a group of special operatives sneaking up on a remote island castle underwater. Here’s what this clip looks like:

Modern Warfare 3 footage showing operatives in stealth mode sneaking up on a remote castle island location
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Credit: Activision

If the actual gameplay is anything like the presented footage we’ve seen from this fantastic teaser, then players may well be able to swim.

How map voting in Modern Warfare 3 may present swimming opportunities

In addition to that little snippet, there’s the likelihood that this game will include map voting for multiplayer modes, which would allow gamers the opportunity to explore an underwater environment.

Basically, online players get to choose a certain map before entering an online match. The one option that gets the most votes from the player base ends up being the chosen map for a given match.

If a legendary core map like Sub Base contains an element of swimming activity, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility due to Activision's modernisation of graphics and improved map authenticity, and then ends up being the chosen map for a match, then you can expect to see some underwater action taking place.

That's it for our guide on whether you can swin in Modern Warfare 3! For more on the game, check out when the Modern Warfare 3 open beta starts, as well as our gun list.

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