Modern Warfare 2 2022 Weapon Vault: How does it work?

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Image showing the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision
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Infinity Ward is bringing plenty of new additions to Modern Warfare 2. The Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault allows players to fully customise weapon blueprints for the very first time. Previous titles have featured blueprints but changing attachments ruins the look of the gun.

The introduction of the Weapon Vault means the aesthetic of a blueprint will remain when you change attachments. In addition to a more consistent finish, you'll have access to a huge library of attachments allowing you to adapt the gun to suit any style of play.


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What is a Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault?

A Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault is described by Infinity Ward as "the ultimate weapon blueprint." The weapon included in the Vault has a unique look in comparison to other weapons in the arsenal alongside access to over 50 attachments.


The first gun to feature as part of a Weapon Vault in Modern Warfare 2 is the M4 assault rifle. Known as the FJX Cinder, this particular Weapon Vault is available to those who pre-order Modern Warfare 2 and comes with a slick black and red design.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault list

So far, the FJX Cinder is the only Weapon Vault known in Modern Warfare 2. However, we expect plenty more to arrive over the course of the cycle so players can customise their favourite weapons without impacting their look.

Once we find more Weapon Vault guns, we will update the guide with a full list of weapons that feature a cool design and a load of attachments.


Can I use Weapon Vault guns in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

You can! Those who pre-order the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2 will have access to the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, giving them an early opportunity to create all kinds of guns using the selection of attachments and Recievers.

Do Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault guns replace blueprints?

It's unclear if the arrival of the Weapon Vault replaces blueprints altogether. Considering it's one of several new additions making their way to Modern Warfare 2, there's always a chance the blueprint system will disappear.


That's all there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Vault so far. When more intel appears, we will update the guide with the latest intel on the feature.

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