Modern Warfare 2 error code 112 - All fixes and solutions

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player holding vest and a submachine gun with nearby soldiers in the background
Credit: Activision

If you're struggling to drop into the action, there's a chance it's down to Modern Warfare 2 error code 112. This particularly frustrating issue is stopping several players from loading into the action and joins a long list of known error codes impacting fans trying to play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

The appearance of error code 112 is far from ideal with Season 4 on the horizon and many looking forward to grinding through another battle pass packed with all kinds of new content to unlock.

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How to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code 112

According to Activision, error code 112 is a network connectivity issue meaning your internet or the Modern Warfare 2 servers are the likely causes. Although the publisher is yet to provide a fix, there are several workarounds that are allowing players back into the game. Here's a closer look at some solutions:

  • Restarting the router - Restarting your connection is a solid place to start. Switch the router off and on and see if you can regain access to multiplayer.
  • Checking server status - If your internet isn't the issue, head to the Activision website where you'll see if there are any issues with Modern Warfare 2 servers.
  • A full reinstall - This is always a last resort. If all other options have failed, uninstall and reinstall the game is a surefire way of preventing error code 112 from appearing.

With a bit of luck on your side, these workarounds will fix error code 112 and stop it from impacting your gaming sessions. If an official fix does appear, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.

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