Modern Warfare 2 download size 2022: How big is the game?

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players walking through water
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players walking through water
Credit: Activision
November 4, 2022: Still thinking of buying Modern Warfare 2? Scroll down to see how much hard drive space you need.

The Modern Warfare 2 download size is a question on the lips of fans preparing for Infinity Ward's latest entry into the storied shooter franchise. The sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare includes a brand-new campaign, innovative multiplayer, and the return of Special Ops. With so much content, there's a high chance players will need plenty of hard drive space.

In recent years, the Call of Duty franchise takes up huge amounts of space on PC and consoles alongside Warzone which results in players having to prioritise which games they want to keep. Ahead of the release, Activision has revealed more intel on how much space is needed for Modern Warfare 2.

Before we take a closer look at the Modern Warfare 2 download size, don't forget to check out our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and the Modern Warfare 2 maps making their way to multiplayer.

How big is Modern Warfare 2?

According to a recent Call of Duty blog post, Modern Warfare 2 will require a total of 72GB on PC. This isn't too bad considering the vast size of Warzone which weighed in at over 100GB.

With preloading for PlayStation and Xbox users beginning, information on the download size is emerging. Here's a full breakdown of download sizes for each platform:

PlayStation 5

  • Base game: 42.9GB
  • Campaign Packs: 19.1GB

PlayStation 4

  • Base game: 35.4GB
  • Campaign Packs: 16.7 GB


  • Base game: 81.8GB

PC ( and Steam)

  • 34.6GB (
  • 29.9GB (Steam)
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Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players fighting near doorway
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Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 day 1 update size

The day one update for Modern Warfare 2 comes in at over 40GB in size. It's unclear what changes are included in the update but there's a high chance it's to improve performance as everyone logs on for the first time.

How to reduce Modern Warfare 2 download size

Unfortunately, it's impossible to reduce the download size of Modern Warfare 2, meaning everyone will download all 78 gigabytes at least once. However, there is a possibility of the game containing separate content packs that allow players to create some hard drive space.

Typically, these packs are split into three categories: campaign, spec ops, and multiplayer. Once you've finished the campaign, you can delete it in order to download any seasonal updates that arrive over the course of the game cycle.

How to download Modern Warfare 2 fast

There are various techniques that guarantee a fast download. Before starting the download, ensure there's nothing that interrupts your connection so a high download speed is maintained throughout. We recommend using a wired connection to stop any interference.

Secondly, putting the console into rest mode also helps. Without other apps running in the background, the bandwidth is opened allowing Modern Warfare 2 to download as fast as possible.

Lastly, avoid peak times. When there are plenty of devices on a network, bandwidth is narrower and limits your internet speed. Wait until late at night to guarantee a fast speed.

That's everything there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 download size. For more, take a look at our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 perks and intel on upcoming Modern Warfare 2 double XP events.

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