How to change emblem in Modern Warfare 2

Two soldiers aiming weapons on a bridge in Modern Warfare 2.

Two soldiers aiming weapons on a bridge in Modern Warfare 2.
June 9, 2023: Want to change emblem ahead of Season 4? Find out how in our guide.

Wondering how to change emblem in Modern Warfare 2? We've got you covered. The latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise is out right now and over the course of Season 4, there's a huge range of Modern Warfare 2 emblems to choose from.

You can get your hands on various emblems by earning rewards in ranked play and they're a great way to customise your player profile.

Before we take a closer look at how to change emblem in Modern Warfare 2, take a look at our guides showcasing the best SMG and the best TAQ-56 loadout for mid-range action.

How do I change emblems in Modern Warfare 2?

Firstly, press the Options menu and select the 'Social' category. Here you need to navigate to the 'Showcase' section using the R1/RB buttons.

Next, select your player icon at the top of the Friends menu and choose the 'Edit Showcase' option. Here, you'll come across a range of different options but keep scrolling to find the Emblems and any new arrivals in Season 3 Reloaded.

From there select any available emblem from this list that you've unlocked so far, and equip it. From there, the new emblem will be visible on your profile until you want to change it again!

Soldiers flanking around the corner of a green building in Modern Warfare 2.
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How to unlock new emblems in Modern Warfare 2

Emblems are one of several unlockable items you can earn in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It is a unique player image that appears during the round, in the lobby, or on the menu. Choosing a unique, rare emblem is one of the most straightforward ways to stand out among all players. As such, you'll need to know how to unlock new ones.

The best way to unlock new emblems is, quite simply, to rank up. Modern Warfare 2 has an extensive level system, and every time you reach milestone levels, you get a new emblem. The only disadvantage is that emblems obtained by levelling up are not so rare, as most people will get them at some point.

The second way to get emblems in Modern Warfare 2 is to complete challenges. The more challenging the tasks are, the better emblem you will get. For example, by killing 250 enemies with a knife, you will get Knife Veteran IV, one of the rarest emblems in the game.

When is Modern Warfare 2 Season 4?

If the in-game timer is accurate, Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 will begin on June 14 which is just a few weeks away.

Now you know how to change them, drop into the action to see which ones you can earn!

That's it for our look at how to change emblems in Modern Warfare 2! For even more, check out our list of the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifles and a closer look at how to unlock the FTAC Siege.

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