Modern Warfare 2 - How to change emblems

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Two soldiers aiming weapons on a bridge in Modern Warfare 2.

Despite being one of the year's biggest games, Modern Warfare 2 has some multiplayer aspects that have caused controversy within the community. One of the things that divided the fanbase the most is the customisation system.

It is especially true for emblems. Emblems are a key customisation feature in the game, as one of the first things you see after being killed by an enemy. Read this guide, and you will find out how to change emblem in Modern Warfare 2.


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How do I change emblems in Modern Warfare 2?

First, you should press the Options menu and select the category Social. Here you need to navigate to the section Showcase, using the R1/RB buttons.

You should select your player icon at the top of the Friends menu and choose the option Edit Showcase. Here you will be suggested various options, but you finally should select Emblem. 


From there select any available emblem from this list that you've unlocked so far, and equip it. From there, the new emblem will be visible on your profile until you next change it!

Soldiers flanking around the corner of a green building in Modern Warfare 2.

How to unlock new emblems in Modern Warfare 2

Emblems are the primary customising feature in Modern Warfare 2. It is a unique player image that appears during the round, in the lobby, or on the menu. Choosing a unique, rare emblem is one of the most straightforward ways to stand out among all players. As such, you'll need to know how to unlock new ones.


The best way to unlock new emblems is, quite simply, to rank up. Modern Warfare 2 has an extensive level system, and every time you reach milestone levels, you get a new emblem. The only disadvantage is that emblems obtained by levelling up are not so rare, as most people will get them at some point.

The second way to get emblems in Modern Warfare 2 is to complete challenges. The more challenging the tasks are, the better emblem you will get. For example, by killing 250 enemies with a knife, you will get Knife Veteran IV, one of the rarest emblems in the game.

What is the user interface like in Modern Warfare 2?

Aside from just your emblem, the Modern Warfare 2 user interface lets you customise plenty of other features. You can also unlock a range of calling cards to adorn your profile, too. That's alongside your clan tag, which can be changed on a whim without any specific unlocks.


Fortunately, there's nothing is challenging about changing your emblem. If you want to unlock rare emblems, you'll have to spend a lot of time in the game.

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