Best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players taking cover behind truck
Credit: Activision
October 2, 2023: Season 6 is now underway and we've adjusted the best MW2 FSS Hurricane loadout and the best attachments to equip.

The best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout is tricky to determine thanks to the huge variety of attachments on offer in the Gunsmith. With attention turning towards Season 6, there's a chance this particular SMG spices up the meta if it receives a buff.

Armed with a fast rate of fire and a huge magazine, the FSS Hurricane submachine gun (SMG) excels in mid-range and long-distance engagements and with the right attachment combination, it's capable of contending at close quarters too.

Before we reveal more on the best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout, check out our guide showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 maps available in multiplayer.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout?

XTEN Razor Comp
FSS Cannonade 16"
Cronen Mini Red Dot
Prdnance Ravage-8
VX Pinapple Vert Grip

This build provides drastic improvements to recoil control, accuracy, and range which is ideal for picking off targets from afar. Although overall mobility takes a hit, the FSS Hurricane is still capable of making an impact when up close and personal with an enemy.

Best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane attachments

After spending plenty of time testing various combinations, we've settled on this set of five thanks to its improvements to recoil and a slight increase in damage output.

Here's the full attachment list:

  • Muzzle: XTEN Razor Comp
  • Barrel: FSS Cannonade 16"
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Stock: Ordnance Ravage-8
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple Vert Grip

This set of attachments is arguably the most versatile combination to use on the FSS Hurricane. Although the Cannonade barrel does increase aim-down-sight (ADS) speed, it does increase damage range and bullet velocity which is the key to winning mid-range engagements.

Additionally, the Ravage-8 stock bolsters stability when aiming even further, guaranteeing you maintain high levels of accuracy when firing on your intended target.

Image showing FSS Hurricane submachine gun
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Credit: Activision

How to unlock FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 2

The FSS Hurricane is part of the M4 weapon family meaning you need to use a different gun to get hold of it. To unlock, rank up the FTAC Recon to level 17 then you can use the SMG as part of a loadout.

Best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane perks and equipment

Once the best FSS Hurricane attachments are ready to go, creating a strong perk package and selecting a deadly combination of equipment has its benefits. Here's what we recommend using alongside the SMG in Season 6.


  • Double Time (Base)
  • Battle Hardened (Base)
  • Fast Hands (Bonus)
  • Ghost (Ultimate)

Double Time doubles the length of Tactical Sprint, allowing you to navigate the map as fast as possible. Battle Hardened increases resistance to tactical equipment which is extremely useful when a stun attempts to disrupt your game.

For our bonus perk, we select Fast Hands for faster reload speeds, weapon swap speeds, and the ability to use equipment at a faster speed.

Lastly, the ultimate perk is Ghost. The early stages of the game involve plenty of UAV spam so concealing your location from the eyes in the sky makes it much easier to avoid detection.


  • Semtex (Lethal)
  • Stun Grenade (Tactical

Semtex is the ideal piece of lethal equipment to stick to any surface while the stun grenade allows you to slow the movement of any nearby players you manage to hit. React quickly for a very easy elimination.

Is the FSS Hurricane good in Modern Warfare 2?

After unlocking it and finding a strong attachment combination, we can say that the FSS Hurricane is one of the strongest guns to use in the entire game. The lack of recoil combined with the incredible stability makes it very easy to dominate from a distance.

That's all there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 2 FSS Hurricane loadout. For more, check our guides showcasing the Modern Warfare 2 perks available to use in multiplayer.

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