How to make a Brush in Minecraft

Brush in Minecraft.

Brush in Minecraft.

Before you take the path of an archaeologist, you should learn how to make a Brush in Minecraft. This Brush is a new tool that you can use to excavate different items, added in the most recent update.

Being an archeologist is not only fun but also rewarding. Besides giving some spirit of adventure, it also allows you to discover valuable resources and decorative items. So, you should use such an opportunity and at least try using a Brush in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Brush in Minecraft

Minecraft veterans may remember the old Brush recipe. It required you to use Sticks and Strings for crafting. The new Minecraft update brings a reworked recipe that looks more realistic and interesting.

The new Brush recipe in Minecraft includes a Copper Ingot, a Feather, and a Stick. Here’s what it looks like:

Brush recipe in Minecraft.
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By combining these ingredients you can make your first Brush. If it starts to break, then you should craft a new one. Also, you can combine two damaged brushes to make a less-damaged one.

How to get all ingredients for the Brush in Minecraft

All of these ingredients are easy to get. Sticks can be obtained from trees. Just cut a couple of them down, and use the obtained materials to craft Sticks. As for Feathers, they drop from chickens, animals that spawn everywhere. Finally, the blocks of Copper Ore can be found in caves. Mining them will give you Copper Ore Clusters, which you can smelt into Copper Ingots.

How to use a Brush in Minecraft

The Brush can be used to clean piles of Suspicious Sand. These blocks are coming in the next update, and you will find many treasures inside. For example, brushing piles of this sand is the only way to get pottery shards, which then can be used to make unique decorated pots.

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