How to find Minecraft diamonds

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Credit: Screenshot: Gfinity Esports, Credit: Mojang Studios

The common question any Minecraft player asks themselves while playing is "how do I find Minecraft diamonds?" The answer to that question changes constantly depending on the version of the game. Here we will focus on the most up to date method of how to find diamonds in Minecraft as of the current update 1.19 and the upcoming update 1.20.

Every version differs in many aspects but the recent changes to the world generation made a huge impact on finding diamonds in Minecraft.

Right now, you are able to dig much deeper than in the past, which means that the height at which you were able to find diamonds has also shifted. Let us break down everything there is to know about finding the goodies in Minecraft!

How to find Minecraft diamonds

The easiest way and also the best way is just to dig, but you need to know how, where, and what tool to use.

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Credit: Screenshot: Gfinity Esports, Credit: Mojang Studios
Minecraft Blue-ish Goodies

The best Y coordinates to find diamonds in Minecraft

In the past, there were different theories on which coordinates are the best in order to find diamonds. After the changes implemented by Mojang Studios, now it is much lower than in the past.

The perfect Y coordinates to find diamonds in Minecraft are between Y: -56 and Y: -60. In the past, the depth of digging was much lower, so you were able to only reach Y: 0. Now you can go into negative numbers, which makes looking for diamonds a bit harder.

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Credit: Screenshot: Gfinity Esports, Credit: Mojang Studios
Lava's rising!

Best tool to mine diamonds

If you are new to the game, you might not be aware that not every pickaxe is able to dig out diamonds. There are several pickaxes in the game and only some of them can break diamond ore and give you the diamonds as a reward.

Never use Wooden Pickaxe or Stone Pickaxe to dig diamonds. The best pickaxes to dig your first diamonds with are the Gold Pickaxe and Iron Pickaxe. The latter is easy to make and a very common starting mining tool.

In addition, if you are on the hunt for diamonds later on in the game, make sure to enchant your pickaxe. Add the Fortune III enchantment on the pickaxe to maximize your diamond gains. It will also give you a chance of getting more diamonds from one ore.

How to mine diamonds in Minecraft efficiently

The best method of finding lots of diamonds in Minecraft is mining in rows. The first thing you want to do is go down to the coordinates Y: -59 or Y: -60. Then dig straight in front of you in a line. Dig around 100 blocks then make a two-block space in between and dig in the opposite direction.

It is also called strip-mining because it will create these lines underground. It is by far the most efficient way to find Minecraft diamonds. Additionally, you can use the Netherite Pickaxe, which is the most powerful pickaxe in the game, and you can put down a Beacon with Haste II to make the process even faster.

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Credit: Screenshot: Gfinity Esports, Credit: Mojang Studios
Like a mole.

Make sure you're careful because there is plenty of lava all around in the undergrounds of the Overworld. You will also stumble upon Gravel and other blocks. Mining at that height also allows you to find some other ores like Gold Ore or Redstone Ore.

In addition, you will also gather a lot of Deepslate, which is a great building block. It allows you to add a lot of depth to your builds.

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Alternative ways of getting diamonds in Minecraft

In addition to your normal digging, there are several other ways to obtain diamonds in the game. Most of them include exploring the Overworld, Nether, and the End. There are also some diamonds in generated structures in Minecraft.

The best chance of getting one or two diamonds for both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft is finding a Buried Treasure. It has almost a 50% chance of containing diamonds.

Then we have End Cities and Nether Fortresses. You can find multiple diamonds there because you have about a 20% chance of getting a couple of diamonds in a single chest there. It is worth noting that one End City and Nether Fortress can contain multiple chests, every single one of which can have diamonds inside.

Lastly, we have Villages that can also contain diamonds hidden in chests spread around the village's terrain. You can find one to three diamonds in these chests, and it has the same 16% chance of having diamonds inside a chest for both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

What can you do with diamonds in Minecraft?


You can use diamonds in Minecraft to craft a lot of useful end-game items. They are needed in order to turn them into Netherite items.

First of all, you can create many tools like Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Axe, Diamond Hoe, or Diamond Shovel. Then you can make some combat equipment like the Diamond Sword or Diamond Armor.

In order to create all of the above items all you will need are diamonds and sticks. Then it gets a little bit more complex. You can also create a very powerful Enchanting Table. In order to create that you will need 1 Book, 2 Diamonds, and 4 Obsidian Blocks.

Obsidian is also a material that can only be collected by mining it with a Diamond Pickaxe. After you gather all of the materials you will be able to use Enchanting Table to its full potential. Just remember to have some Lapis Lazuli and level 30 of XP to get the best enchantments.

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