Minecraft 1.20 patch notes - Final changes for Trails and Tales

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A Minecraft Goat underneath a Minecraft Cherry Blossom Tree
June 7 - Trails and Tales finally launches today so we have checked over our information.

The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales patch notes and update will be launching today on June 7, and has been highly anticipated for a few months now. The team over at Mojang has spent months hyping up various new item blocks, mobs, and even brand-new game mechanics!

In this guide, we'll run through the full patch notes for Minecraft update 1.20, including all the new changes in the Trails and Tales expansion. With so much new content to explore, get clued up just before it lands!

Minecraft 1.20 patch notes - Final changes for Trails and Tales

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Release Candidate 1

  • MC-256477 Knowledge books can't be placed in chiseled bookshelves
  • MC-262853 Pitcher plant breaks and floats when growing without enough light

Pre-Release 7 Changes

To improve safety, the game will now detect symbolic links used inside world directory.

  • If the target of a symbolic link is not on the user-configured allow-list, the game will not proceed with loading the world.
  • Note: world directory itself can still be linked.
  • The list of allowed symbolic link targets is stored in file allowed_symlinks.txt in client or server top directory
  • The file consists of entries (one per line) with following formats allowed:
  • Lines starting with # are comments and are ignored
  • [type]pattern, where type can be glob, regex or prefix
  • Prefix matches start of path with given pattern (so for /test paths /test, /test/ and /test/foo.txt would match)
  • Regex matches regular expression against whole path
  • Glob uses OS-specific path matching mechanism (for example *.txt would usually match files with txt extension)
  • Note: paths will use OS-specific separators
  • Pattern, which uses default prefix type

Fixed bug in 1.20 Pre-release 7

MC-257778 Bamboo Mosaic Slabs and Stairs are not in the #slabs and #stairs block and item tags

Pre-Release 6 Changes

Technical Changes

  • "item": "minecraft:air" can no longer be used in datapack recipes
  • Ingredients in array form are now also allowed in smithing_trim and smithing_transform recipes on fields template, base and addition
  • Those fields also allow empty arrays, which signalize that slot needs to be left empty

Loot tables

  • Random sequences - The ID of the random sequence is now an optional field. If no sequence name is given, loot is drawn using a non-deterministic random source.

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-Release 6

  • MC-237042 Killing players in the sneaking state that have their sneak option set to "Toggle" in their accessibility settings, results in other players not being able to see them in this state when they respawn
  • MC-241326 Thomas Guimbretière's name is listed twice and misspelt in the credits
  • MC-260411 Re-summoned dragons don't spawn end gateways when exiting the world before killing the dragon
  • MC-262340 Iron Golems can spawn on transparent blocks
  • MC-262575 Company names are still inconsistent in the credits

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-release 5

  • MC-120158 Anvils and other falling_blocks with HurtEntities set to true kill items and xp orbs
  • MC-261294 Jack o'lantern can be placed on the player or armor stand head without commands and without appearing the blur
  • MC-262334 Item display entities have wrong lighting when they're rotated
  • MC-262504 Recipes for colored wool, carpets, and beds in the recipe book are not grouped
  • MC-262513 Blocks placed in the spot of a previously broken block will display the first frame of the breaking animation until updated
  • MC-262514 Unbreakable blocks display the first breaking animation frame when attempting to mine them
  • MC-262690 The player can still jump from the edge of the honey block
  • MC-262730 Biomes being partially overwritten / regenerated in 1.20pre2 inside old world
  • MC-262773 Markers, interaction, and display entities prevent weighted pressure plates from deactivating
  • MC-262778 Losing control of a ridden mob with levitation and then re-gaining control causes levitation to persist indefinitely
  • MC-262797 Book model not rendering in Enchanting Table GUI
  • MC-262801 Z-fighting occurs on trimmed enchanted armor in the inventory

If you want to see what Mojang has been cooking up, then you can check out our full Minecraft 1.20 update features list. For more specific information, we have information on how to get the new biome, or how to get the new armour trims.

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