Madden 23 - How to contain

Image of two players fighting for the ball in Madden 23.

Image of two players fighting for the ball in Madden 23.

Want to learn how to contain in Madden 23? This is a crucial defensive skill preventing wing players from running out wide, ready to catch the ball and sprint to score a touchdown. If you can master containing tricky players in the game, you will find yourself conceding a lot less.

In this Madden 23 guide, we'll break down exactly how to contain. That includes a look at the specific controls required to do it, on top of explanations of why it's so important if you're looking to improve.

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How to contain in Madden 23

First of all, you'll need to be on the defensive side to contain in Madden 23. That means you can only do it when you're out of possession, jockeying attackers to stop of them from scoring.

Just prior to when the opposing quarterback gets the ball and the play begins, you get to choose your defensive setup. Pick one from the playbook, and your team will take that shape on the field.

From there, you get to control one individual defender within your setup. That is denoted by a red circle around them. Using the left joystick you can move around to prepare for the snap. Pick the player you wish to contain, and stand as close in front of them as the game will allow prior to the quarterback releasing the ball.

When the snap occurs and the ball is in play, press the left trigger (LT on Xbox and L2 on PlayStation) and huddle as closely to that targeted attacker as possible. If initiated correctly, the contain move will hold them stationary, unable to run past you and catch any potential pass. For as long as you hold the left trigger and remain trained on them with your positioning, they should be contained.

Of course, there are some variables behind this. If the attacker has considerably higher strength stats than your defender, there's a good chance they'll break through the contain and run past anyway. A lot of it will depend on the strength and overall ability of each player within this head-on move.

However, if you can pull it off then a contain is a really effective defensive move. It'll block that runner from finding their designated channel, as such giving the opposite quarterback one less passing option to make.

That's it for our look at how to contain in Madden 23! As you can see, it's a fairly easy process, but will no doubt prove very useful. While you're here, feel free to also read up on the new skill-based passing in the game, as well as a guide on how to slide.

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