Madden 23 EA Play trial - early access release time countdown

madden 23, ea play trial

It's that time of the year again, Madden 23 is releasing very soon. As is the case with all EA Sports games, you can get a 10 hour trial if you're an EA Play member. If you are, we have everything you need to know about the Madden 23 EA Play trial, including the release time.

Once again, you'll get just 10 hours of playtime as part of the trial. As soon as you've played those 10 hours, you'll be kicked out and will have to buy the game if you'd like to continue. There's a chance that the game comes to the service in full next year, but that certainly won't be for a while.

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EA Play 10 hour trial

The EA Play 10 hour trial will go live on August 16, which is the same day as the main early access.

madden 23, ea play trial
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It has been a litttle complicated in the past, but EA Sports has made it simple to understand this year.

You don't have to already be signed up either. If you fancy jumping into the trial once it begins, you can sign up whenever you'd like and give the game a try. Again, you won't be able to play for any more than 10 hours.

Madden 23 EA Play release time

According to the PlayStation Store, the Madden 23 EA Play trial will go live at the same time as the full game, which will be midnight local time on August 16.

There's a small chance that it comes later in the day, as is often the case for FIFA trials, but we'll let you know if that's the case.

Sometimes there are server issues too, so don't be surprised if getting into the Madden 23 trial isn't as smooth as you may hope. Stay patient though, it won't take long for everything to work properly.

Other early access

If you're not an EA Play member, however, there are other ways to get early access for Madden 23.

If you purchase the most expensive version of Madden 23, the All Madden Edition, you will get early access from August 16 too. You'll also get:

  • 4600 Madden Points
  • One of 2 Elite Players
  • Some all Madden Gear
  • Madden Strategy Item to use

The standard edition of the game comes out on August 19, at the end of this week, if you don't want to shell out for the special version. That is up to you, though. Since EA Play is only £4 per month, it's probably worth getting early access that way;

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