League of Legends Naafiri - Best builds, abilities, and playstyle

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League of Legends Naafiri splash art

Naafiri had one of the most stylized and exciting reveal trailers for any champion in League of Legends in recent memory. Fitting since Naafir is such a unique champion meant to fulfil a role Riot had found lacking. This pack of hounds comes with its own unique playstyle and incorporates RTS-style mechanics into League of Legends. Here's everything you need to now about Naafiri in League of Legends, including the best builds and abilities.

Not only this but Naafiri looks awesome, and it's going to be terrifying or cool depending on if you're being chased by her or chasing your enemies. Naafiri is meant to be a mobile and easy-to-learn assassin.

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When is the League of Legends Naafiri release date?

Naafiri will be released on Wednesday, 19 July 2023, when LoL patch 13.14 hits the live servers. Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long, as Naafiri has already hit the PBE servers. Players have had time to test her and have been able to check her performance in various roles such as Jungle, Mid and Top.

She will also release alongside a Soul Fighter skin, so if you really like this doggo, save up some RP beforehand.

Soul Fighter Naafiri splash art league of legends
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League of Legends Naafiri Lore and Design

Across the sands of Shurima, a chorus of howls rings out. While Dune Hounds are dangerous, one pack stands above them all, guided by something more dangerous than hunger. Naafiri was a Dharkin dagger that was robbed from a crypt. The robber was then devoured by a pack of Wolf Hounds which then came in contact with the dagger known as Naafiri.

Naafiri's consciousness was then spread through the wolf pack, and now they operate as one singular unit with the goal of becoming the ultimate life form in Runetera.

League of Legends Naafiri with her pack design
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League of Legends Naafiri Abilities explained

Naafiri is meant to be a relatively easy champion to play despite the complicated nature of managing your pack mates. Let's look at each of Naafiri's abilities.

Passive - We Are More

Naafiri will periodically spawn packmates up to a certain limit, which will attack targets that she targets with either normal attacks or abilities.

Hitting enemies reduces the cooldown of this ability.

Q - Darkin Daggers

Naafiri shoots up to two daggers in a straight line that applies bleed. If the target is already bleeding, the daggers deal bonus damage. Pack mates will attack targets struck by the daggers.

The ability also provides Naafiri with a bit of healing for sustain.

League of Legends Naafiri Q Animation
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W - Hounds’ Pursuit

Naafiri and her pack mates charge and dash in a direction. They collide and damage the first enemy hit. The ability can leap over walls.

League of Legends Naafiri W ability
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E - Eviscerate

Naafiri leaps forward and slams down to damage enemies in a small AoE. This ability heals her pack mates to full HP.

League of Legends Naafiri E ability
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R - The Call of the Pack

Naafiri and her pack mates coalesce and split apart to spawn a large pack. This pack then gains additional movement speed, enemy vision and a shield when she attacks a champion.

The ability also refreshes itself on the first takedown.

League of Legends Naafiri ultimate R ability
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League of Legends Naafiri best build

Naafiri's role is to be a mobile assassin, so you will most likely see her being played either mid or clearing the jungle. Depending on how she's balanced, she might be taken to the top lane as well.

While there is no definitive best build for her, we can assume that Duskblade will be a core item for her build as she relies on her abilities for damage, and the invincibility will be a great chasing/disengage tool.

From here on, there are two paths you can take with Naafiri.

Naafiri Assassin build

You can build her as a pure assassin, prioritising Lethality items to burst down squishy champions quickly. The items for this route will be the following:

  • Prowler's Claw
  • Axiom Arc
  • Edge of Night
  • Serylda's Grudge

This playstyle would make use of the Domination tree as primary with either Electrocute or Hail of Blades.

Naafiri Bruiser build


Lots of players have chosen to take Naafiri top and have had an excellent time with her in the top lane. However, Riot Games might not take nicely to this and rebalance Naafiri to bring her back to her assassin role. Regardless if you plan on playing Naafiri top, here is what you need.

  • Eclipse
  • Serylda's Grudge
  • Black Cleaver
  • Spirit Visage
  • Thornmail

This build will allow Naafiri to have excellent sustain while also doing some serious on-hit damage to deal with tankier enemies as well.

That covers everything you need to know about Naafiri in League of Legends. We're excited to see her hit the live servers and see how an accessible assassin champion will shake up the meta. While you're here, be sure to check out our guide on K'sante and the best skins of 2023.

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