Best League of Legends skins ranked - Top picks in 2023

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elementalist lux splash art, best league of legends skins
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The League of Legends developers have released tons of skins over the years, each unique in their own right. Some turn champions into otherworldly, mysterious entities, while others dial up champions’ cute factor tenfold. And if you’re wondering what skins are worthy of your RP, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best League of Legends skins ever created.

We’ve taken in all kinds of considerations, like the thematic, character model design, animations, splash art, and sound effects.


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Best League of Legends skins ranked

So, get ready to give your favourite champion a glow up! Let’s dive in.

13. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

storm dragon aurelion sol splash art
Credit: Riot Games

If you’re pretty new to League, you may not be familiar with the legend of Ao Shin. It was teased by Riot as a champion concept, but despite how amazing it sounded, it was unfortunately scrapped.

Since then, players have been begging Riot for years to revive Ao Shin, and in 2020, Riot finally caved in (kind of). They blessed us with Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, which is basically an Ao Shin cosplay.


Aside from its iconic status, the skin is seriously fun to play with, being packed with flashy particle effects, powerful sound effects, and slick animations.

12. Spirit Blossom Ahri

spirit blossom ahri splash art
Credit: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Ahri is the dream skin of all otakus, and for good reason. It transforms Ahri into a magical fox deity, with traditional japanese clothing and anime-style hair. So yep, you can now attack your enemies and feel like you’re in the midst of an anime battle scene. The soft colour palette also complements Ahri beautifully.

What I seriously love about this skin though is the emotes. They’re downright adorable. In one, Ahri transforms into an Arctic fox and nose dives into a pile of snow!

11. Corgi Corki

corgi corki splash art
Credit: Riot Games

The whole concept of this skin is ridiculous. And yet, it’s somehow a total masterpiece. Flying around in a doggo-copter that barks and shoots rainbows at your enemies. Throwing out squeaky balls instead of bombs. What’s not to love? It even comes packed with the cutest, wiggling corgi butt in existence (cya Frostbutt Irelia).

Jokes aside, the skin feels great in game, and the woofs, growls, and squeaky sound effects are sure to drive your enemies barking mad. My only real “complaint?” Corgi Corki isn’t exactly appropriate for competitive play. After all, it’s kind of hard to focus on anything else when an adorable doggo is at the centre of your screen.

10. Dunkmaster Darius

dunkmaster darius splash art
Credit: Riot Games

You’re not a true Darius main until you own this skin; its iconic status is unrivalled. It essentially transforms Darius into a basketball player out for revenge, dunkin’ while hitting his opponents with killer comebacks like "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise this was a charity game,” and "was your plan: all pain, no gain?"

It’s downright hilarious, and every element of it is designed to tilt your enemies while boosting your own spirits.

9. Coven Evelynn

coven evelynn splash art
Credit: Riot Games

This skin transforms Evelyn into a demonic sorceress and bestows her with bloodcurdling sound effects, sinister animations, and haunting voice lines. The overall look is pure, occultist perfection, and it truly honours who Evelyn is at heart: beautiful but deadly.

To top it off, this skin is also blessed with tons of amazing chromas, which is something we can all appreciate.

8. High Noon Leona

high noon leona splash art
Credit: Riot Games

High Noon Leona makes you feel like the ultimate cowgirl badass, and I’m here for it. The character model is the perfect mix between western, gothic, and steampunk, and her expression is the definition of “if looks could kill.”

The animations are equally awe-worthy. Every attack makes you feel like your sword is empowered by hellfire, and nothing feels clunky or out of place. Plus, the sound effects add some much-appreciated oomph.

But what truly makes High Noon Leona worthy of this list? The fact that you get to ride a demonic horse out of base. It’s an unbeatable experience.


7. Empyrean Pyke

empyrean pyke splash art
Credit: Riot Games

The Empyrean skin line basically combines the best qualities of the Psyops and Dark Cosmic skin lines. So, considering how impressive those thematics are by themselves, it’s no surprise that the Empyrean skins are some of the best Riot has ever made.

And out of all the skins in the line, Empyrean Pyke comes out on top. The skin truly makes you feel ultra powerful, with every element polished, jaw-dropping, and jam-packed with mesmerising colours. The ultimate is also a total showstopper, making you feel like you can slay entire universes.

6. Star Guardian Kai’Sa

star guardian kaisa splash art
Credit: Riot Games

If you grew up on Sailor Moon, you’ll definitely appreciate this skin. It transforms Kai’Sa into the ultimate magical girl, with a sailor outfit, anime style hairdo, and a whole load of frills, ribbons, and bows. The animations are also bursting with pink hues and sparkles, and you even get an adorable bunny sidekick that aids you in battle.


Plus, there’s plenty of nifty references from the show, like how your recall is basically a copy of the Sailor Moon transformation scene.

5. Dawnbringer Yone

Dawnbringer Yone is a legendary skin masquerading as an ultimate skin. It truly makes you feel like an invincible god, and no, I’m not over-exaggerating. You literally glow and grow otherworldly wings when you recall back to base. Plus, every attack is slick, stunning, and backed up by equally impactful sound effects.

Truly, Yone is the superior brother in terms of skins (sorry Yasuo).

4. Space Groove Blitz & Crank


Space Groove Blitz & Crank is by far the wackiest and most creative skin ever made for League of Legends. It pretty much transforms Blitzcrank into a mecha machine powered by two adorable felines (Blitz & Crank).

If you thought that already sounded crazy, wait until you hear this next part: these kittens are hellbent on conquering the world with their… fabulous dance moves and groove. Yep. It’s pure madness, pure cuteness, and pure comedy. Whoever came up with this concept deserves a bonus.

3. Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux is definitely the best value skin in League of Legends. After all, you get 10 different skin forms in one! Each form is unique, stunning, and inspired by an element, like water, fire, and earth (so yep, you’re basically the Avatar).

Despite the skin’s age, the animations are slick and feel great to play with in game. The sound effects are equally satisfying. No matter what form you choose, your attacks always sound powerful.

2. PROJECT: Vayne


This skin truly honours Vayne’s badass personality. It essentially turns her into a cyberpunk-style vigilante, with mecha armour, sci-fi weaponry, and a holographic mask that allows her to scope out her enemies’ weaknesses.

The animations are just as impressive as the character model. Every attack makes you feel like you could decimate even the tankiest of foes, and your ult is the definition of eye-candy.

But what really makes PROJECT: Vayne so special is the fact that you get to ride a literal motorcycle around the Rift. It’s just so satisfying.

1. Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr has always been a fairly decent ultimate skin. However, it could never compete with Elementalist Lux.

Until recently.


After Riot reworked Udyr and polished up all his skins, Spirit Guard has now become the best skin to ever grace the Rift. Every single form is unique, colourful, and gorgeously pays homage to its animal spirit. The attack animations also feel ultra-smooth and slick, both qualities that are sure to help you accumulate LP in your ranked games.

The main reason why I’m giving Spirit Guard Udyr the no.1 spot though is because of the recall. It’s an actual work of art, with all the elements beautifully incorporated into one.

As our list above has shown, there are plenty of gorgeous skins out there that are worthy of your cash. Some skins allow you to play in style, while others, like Dunkmaster Darius, can actually be considered 'pay2win.' And by that, we mean they help you stay zen while leaving your enemies tilted beyond belief.