The Last of Us PS5 - How to beat the tank

Image of Joel looking at a tank in The Last of Us Part I.

Image of Joel looking at a tank in The Last of Us Part I.

Need help as you try to beat the tank in The Last of Us Part I? This is notoriously one of the toughest sections in Naughty Dog's zombie mega-hit, and even in this PS5 remake it's no walk in the park. This armoured vehicle pursues Joel and Ellie through Pittsburgh, always threatening to trigger a brutal death animation.

In this The Last of Us Part I guide, we'll explain how to beat the tank. It takes quite a while, with the tank manned by hunters following you for several hours of gameplay. However, there does come a point where you can definitively destroy it for good, which is always a relief.

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How do I escape from the tank in The Last of Us Part I?

You'll first encounter the tank as Joel and Ellie arrive in Pittsburgh in The Last of Us Part I. Just before you reach the bridge on foot, this armoured car with a turret manned by hunters will appear. It's in a fairly open courtyard area with two main buildings, and hunters lurking in each one.

Take out the three hunters in the near building silently, before crossing the courtyard to the building opposite. Be sure you do this without getting spotted, or the tank will open fire. Go through that second building and out the back, bringing you to an alley.

By this point the tank will spot you, so you'll need to sprint down the alley while it's in pursuit. Keep running and duck to the right, into another building where you can clamber up the stairs. You'll end up on a walkway outside the edge of the building, which you follow into another window. From there you're ambushed by two survivors, triggering a cutscene.

Those two survivors are Henry and his younger brother Sam. Joel and Ellie team with them, ultimately sprinting down the bridge to evade the tank again. That is, until it rears its head for one climatic battle.

Image of the tank through a sniper scope in The Last of Us Part I.
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The Last of Us Part I tank boss guide

The tank then disappears for a few hours of gameplay, as you and Ellie travel with Henry and Sam for a little while. The next day, as the four of you are clearing your way the abandoned checkpoint, the tank returns. This time around, you have to take it out for good.

The tank reappears while Joel is providing cover for Ellie, Henry, and Sam with a sniper rifle. It crashes through the woodland with three men on foot near it. This is where you can actually defeat it.

Take out the three soldiers nearby, and then keep your sniper scope trained on the top of the tank. A hunter will sporadically pop their head out to toss molotov cocktails. You'll need to time it well, but take the chance as soon as you get a clear shot.

Doing so will send the tank careening down a hill, crashing into a building and exploding. You may not get to take control of it afterwards, but at least it's off your back for good!

That is how to beat the tank in The Last of Us PS5! This huge threat will follow you around for a while - which makes its defeat all the more satisfying. While you're here, feel free to also read up on how to use the shiv in The Last of Us PS5, as well as whether it has multiplayer.

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