How to get the Fire Extinguisher in Hello Neighbor 2

The Baker in Hello Neighbor 2.

The Baker in Hello Neighbor 2.

Pondering how to get the Fire Extinguisher in Hello Neighbor 2? Raven Brooks has a lot of strange items with unique uses to keep you busy. While we’re sure its crazed residents don’t care about fire safety, you’ll find the fire extinguisher vital to getting through Act 2.

Like any of the essential items pivotal to your Hello Neighbor 2 experience, the Fire Extinguisher isn't something you just start with. You need to rummage around for one. Read on, and we'll walk you through the process of getting the foam-firing apparatus.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to get the fire extinguisher and its role in the Bakery’s mind-bending puzzles. And if you're playing through Game Pass, you might be interested in the Teamfight Tactics Game Pass benefits and how to claim the extensive League of Legends Game Pass benefits as well.

How to get the Fire Extinguisher in Hello Neighbor 2

You'll find the Fire Extinguisher on the ground floor of the Bakery, a building signposted by the big curly pretzel above its door. To grab it, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges and hunt down your next clue.

Although it’s pretty much a straight shot from the doorway, dodging around the Baker can prove a challenge. They’re determined, quick, and understandably annoyed about you taking all their stuff. You’ll need to risk getting grabbed, though, as you've got to bust open that cash register to find those missing kids.

Here’s our step-by-step breakdown on how to get the Fire Extinguisher. For a more detailed explainer, keep reading:

  1. Lure the Baker upstairs by turning on the shower.
  2. Quickly enter the ground floor. You can take either the back or the front entrance, whichever’s closest.
  3. You should see a see-through cabinet on the wall with a fire extinguisher inside.
  4. Interact with it to grab the fire extinguisher.

The key to getting the Fire Extinguisher is in distracting the Baker, which should happen naturally. You can, however, speed up the process by turning on the shower. The risk of a pricey water bill should have her rushing upstairs, letting you explore the ground floor freely.

What is the Fire Extinguisher for in Hello Neighbor 2?

The Hello Neighbor 2 Fire Extinguisher is used in one of several puzzles in the bakery. Completing the whole series of events will earn you one of the cash register buttons.

Getting the button, however, requires the Frozen Key item. It's not far from the Fire Extinguisher, but we'll leave the specifics in another guide so as to not spoil the whole experience.

You've got the Fire Extinguisher now, so you should be able to figure the rest out for yourself. We'll give you a hint, though: the Fire Extinguisher is used to put out a fire. While that may sound obvious, it's a clue.

You’re now one step closer to finding those missing children! Looking for more handy guides for your favourite games? Check out our guide on how to earn relics in My Singing Monster. Alternatively, you might want to get an edge in Fortnite by learning how to get Slap Juice.

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