How to get Slap Juice in Fortnite

Slap Juice banner on the building in Fortnite.

Consumable items are one of the most important things in any game, and Slap Juice in Fortnite is one of the best consumable items nowadays. Using it, you can get powerful boosts for your character, allowing you to dominate other players and win PvPs.

Read this guide to find out how to get Slap Juice in Fortnite. There will be a guide and valuable tips for getting Slap Juice. It's a really handy new item added in Chapter 4 Season 1, so you'll want all the detail you can get.

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How to get Slap Juice in Fortnite

Like any other consumable item in Fortnite, Slap Juice can be found inside bottles all over the island. One item consists of a stack of three bottles. So, you can easily share Slap Juice if you play with friends. Unfortunately, bottles with Slap Juice are one of the rarest consumable items in the game nowadays.

You should try to loot as many chests as possible to find Slap Juice to get them. Also, Slap Juice bottles are likely to spawn inside buildings. So, make sure to check every room while looting buildings in Fortnite.

The Slap Juice factory is one of the best locations where you can find Slap Juice bottles. Unfortunately, it is one of the most popular landing areas. So, searching Slap Juice here is dangerous if you are not an experienced player.

You should also take into account that bottles with Slap Juice are not the only shape in which you can find this item. For example, there are also Slap Juice Barrels. Like other barrels, you can break Slap Juice Barrels using a harvesting tool and splash nearby players with Slap Juice.

The last way to get Slap Juice in Fortnite is to use Slap Berries. Slap Berries are unique plants growing across the island. You only need to collect these berries and eat them to get the boost. But you should keep in mind that the effect of using Slap Berries and Slap Barrels is less potent than using bottles.

The player aiming at a Slap Juice container in Fortnite.
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What is Slap Juice in Fortnite?

Slap Juice is the new consumable item added in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. This consumable item differs from other items in Fortnite. It provides a unique unlimited stamina regeneration for a short time, making it one of the best consumable items in Fortnite ever.

This regeneration allows you to escape the storm circle or rapidly approach opponents to kill them, effectively sprinting with no limits. Moreover, using this item also regenerates 25 health points in one second. However, this boost is worth nothing compared to stamina regeneration.

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