How to beat Brad in Have a Nice Death - Best weapons and strategies

Other than a few minibosses along the way, the first major roadblock you'll come across in Have a Nice Death is Brad - the first Thanager boss fight of the game. Here's how to beat Brad in Have a Nice Death. You'll notice a unique conversation with the slacking leader each time you fight him, which should be enough to convince you that you're not expected to defeat him in your first go.

If you're seeing a few too many of these verbal arguments, though, you may want a little bit of help beating Brad. It can take a good while to fight through all the rooms leading up to the big man which, in turn, can make practising against his powerful attacks tricky. So if you're getting a little peeved by having Brad knock you back to the start each and every time, read on.

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How to beat Brad

Brad is a hard-hitting brute of a boss. Stand in his way, and you'll likely take too much damage to simply shrug off. There's little room for error, so you need to know exactly how to avoid his attacks, when to strike back, and when to stop to avoid getting caught by the nice.

Brad attacks in bursts more often than not. He'll wind up a blow and let loose two or three in quick succession. He'll claw forwards twice, pulling himself toward you with each, and then fly up to change direction, slamming down diagonally toward you one last time.

With this combo, it's easy to dash through his second claw and to get a few hits in. Then just wait for him to come crashing down to dodge again and follow up with some more slashes. Be sure to weave between Scythe, Cloak, and Magic attacks to maximize your damage during these small windows.

For his swooping aerial attack, just dash to either side or completely over Brad's head. Use upward strikes here if you're feeling particularly brave.

The two stages of the Boulder attack Brad uses in Have a Nice Death.
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On the odd occasion, Brad will start to drop boulders all around the battlefield. Just stand still in the middle, watch them, and you'll be able to side-step out of harm's way. When the final set arrives, he'll fill most of those gaps, so you'll have to use a dash iframe to dodge to either save side on the far left or right of the arena.

With those tips in mind, you should be able to tackle Brad with ease. It's a simple dance when you get down to it, but your low Max HP at this stage and Brad's high damage hits can make the simplest misstep cost another run. Just stay calm, patient, and don't take any unnecessary risks.

What are the best weapons for beating Brad in Have a Nice Death?

Because of the animation lock that comes with the default Scythe combo, you'll generally want to avoid using it against Brad until you're well-versed in his attack pattern.

Instead, you'll want to reply on quick melee weapons or ranged ones. Here are some of the better picks for the job. Remember: your run's loadout requires a lot of luck, so only use these ideas as a basis for your own build.

The Diss Scythe in Have a Nice Death.
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Best scythes for Brad

For Sycthes, use the Diss Scythe for a ranged approach or the Sickles for quick bursts.

The Kaze-Kunai in Have a Nice Death.
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Best cloaks (X weapons) for Brad

The Kaze-kunai, Firebow, and Murray of Crows are all common Cloaks you'll be able to use in most of your attempts at Brad. They're all ranged weapons that should make damage him easier while staying out of harm's way.

In a pinch, the Shake Spear can work thanks to its longer melee reach. Just avoid slow weapons like the Behammorth unless you're confident in your ability to strike at the end of Brad's combo. The stun can really help.

The Fire Arrow spell in Have a Nice Death.
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Spells (Pitbook weapons) for Brad

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The Fire Arrow spell is the most likely candidate for taking on Brad. It's a common find that doesn't use a lot of mana. If you happen to have one, though Myriad of Stars, Star Raving Mad, or Troublecross will work wonders. Again, you're just looking for ranged hits.

If you're using a fast melee weapon, Shockwave can work just as well. Tap it multiple times at the end of Brad's combo to potentially stun him into submission, giving you plenty of time to slash with your Scythe.

Have a Nice Death Brad boss battle FAQ

How do I fight Brad?

You'll fight Brad at the end your first set of stages. Just work your way through areas and into the elevators until you've lit up all but one of the lights on the area select screen. At that point, your next elevator trip will take you to Brad's office.

How can I get back to Brad fast?

After hitting level four, you'll unlock the chance for the elevator to take you to Brad earlier. It's rare, though.

And, with that, you should be primed and ready to take on Brad in Have a Nice Death.

If you need any more help, focus on gathering up currency and spending it on any shop item you find that increases damage dealt with your Scythe, reduces damage taken by yourself, or Max HP increases. Making sure to charge your potions will make a big difference, too. Always top off.

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