Hades 2 voice actors and cast

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Hades 2 game.

Hades is undeniably the diamond of all roguelike games. Supergiant Games created a unique dungeon-crawling game with a compelling storyline that you won't be able to put down. Four years later, Supergiant Games announced at The Game Awards 2022 a sequel, so check out some of Hades 2 voice actors.

According to the developers, Hades 2 will also be about dungeons, dynamic battles, and branded storytelling. Moreover, the game will be released in early access to take into account the opinion of the players before the final version of the game. In this guide, we will tell you about all the Hades 2 voice actors that are known so far.


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Voice acting in Hades 2

A dungeon with neon shades in Hades 2 gameplay.

The story of Zagreus in Hades turned out to be incredibly fascinating. This is not only due to the interesting and dynamic gameplay, but also due to the huge number of characters. Each one has a large number of replicas, with plenty of voice lines to uncover. Each character has a unique voice, intonation, and manner of speaking.

In the sequel, we'll see a new story about Zagreus' sister, Melinoe, with new mechanics and a darker design. We hope that while working on the game, the developers keep the same level of great voice acting. Judging by the trailer for Hades 2, it won’t disappoint. We also got to know a few voice actors in the upcoming game. Although this is not the whole voice cast, let's take a look at seven confirmed characters and their voices.

Character Voice Actor
MelinoeJudy Alice Lee
HecateAmelia Tyler
MorosSterling Sulieman
ApolloColin Ryan
NemesisBecca Q. Co.
DoraErin Yvette
HadesLogan Cunningham


Melinoe in Hades 2.

The main character is voiced by Judy Alice Lee. You may recognise her voice from characters such as Yun Jin from Genshin Impact and Milo Youwell from Triangle Strategy. We think her voice is perfect for Zagreus' sister.


Hecate in Hades 2.

Hecate is something of a mentor to Melinoe. Like Achilles, she helps the main character with advice. Amelia Tyler, better known for her role as Wilhelmina Tillinghast from Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace, gives her voice to Hecate.


Moros in Hades 2.

It looks like Moros is one of the characters that players can meet during the runs, as a helpful but mysterious MPC. Moros is voiced by Sterling Sulieman. You can hear him as Nirik and Arorro in Horizon: Forbidden West.



Apollo in Hades 2.

Apollo is one of the gods who will give gifts to the main character. He is voiced by Colin Ryan, aka Alphinaud in Final Fantasy XIV. Judging by the trailer, Ryan is perfectly accustomed to the role of the god of light.


Nemesis in Hades 2.

It is not yet clear whether Nemesis is a boss, a friendly character, or maybe both. However, we know for sure that Becca Q. Co. gave her voice to this character. Becca is an actress, writer, and director, so we're sure Nemesis' lines will be brilliantly voiced.


Dora in Hades 2.

Dora is another character with an as yet indistinc role. She reminds us of Duza, with her voice provided by Erin Yvette. You will recognize her from her roles as Arlecchino from Genshin Impact, Keiko from Lost Judgment, and Shael from Horizon: Forbidden West.


Hades in Hades 2.

The god of the underworld will also be present in the sequel. And, of course, his commanding voice will remain the same. Logan Cunningham will again give his voice to Hades. But unfortunately, in the new game, he only voices this character.

That's all we know so far about the characters and their voice actors in Hades 2! We hope that soon the developers will reveal more details about the game, including the rest of the voice cast. While you're still here, make sure to check our article about The Devil in Me voice actors and cast.