How to Get AirPods in GTA Online

Image of a character wearing a blue coat and yellow hat in GTA Online.

Image of a character wearing a blue coat and yellow hat in GTA Online.

Looking into how to get AirPods in GTA Online? It's a strange ask, all thing's considered, but one that's not without its reasons. As the world of GTA Online continues to become more embroiled in the metaverse, it's no surprise to see Rockstar's own pastiche on Apple's AirPods slide into the game. Introduced in the new Criminal Enterprises update, they're called the Beat Off Earphones, and we know just how to get them.

In this GTA Online guide, we'll break down exactly how you can get the makeshift AirPods and add the witty Beat Offsto your in-game closet. Grand Theft Auto fashionistas will be glad to learn that they're fairly easy to add to your shockingly large library of digital duds, allowing you to keep up with the latest style in the comfort of your loungewear at home. We see you.

Before all that, though,, feel free to read up on the latest GTA Online weekly update, to see what's new in the ever-evolving world of Los Santos. We've also got a look at all the new weapons in Criminal Enterprises - the game's most recent big update. Lastly, if you're looking to the future, our GTA 6 hub is ready for you.

How Do I Get AirPods in GTA Online?

To get AirPods in GTA Online, first off you'll need a subscription. It's locked to GTA+, so it's a required payment if you want to get the AirPods in GTA Online.

This is the premium subscription service introduced by Rockstar Games earlier this year. Alongside free cash, a few items appear exclusively to paying members, with the Beat Offs being one of them.

If you're a fully-paid GTA+ member, head to your wardrobe at any point within the GTA Online map. This can be any of the various clothing stores across Los Santos, or the wardrobe in your apartments.

Scroll to the accessories tab, and the Beat Offs should be there for you to redeem at no extra price. At that point you'll fully own them, meaning they should appear in your wardrobe for you to equip and unequip as you please.

With them owned, you can choose whether to wear them or not from the accessories tab that appears when you hold down the centre button on your controller. Equally, they can be tagged and assigned to specific outfits in your wardrobe, meaning they'll always appear if you put on a certain pre-saved style.

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One thing that's unclear is whether the Beat Offs will one day become available for those not subscribed to GTA+. The chances are unlikely, given they've been introduced in the Criminal Enterprises update as an exclusive item only for members. Eventually making them publicly available could cheapen the GTA+ service, which Rockstar would definitely not want to do.

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Do I Keep the Beats Offs If I Cancel My GTA+ Subscription?

Though we haven't tested it ourselves, we suspect you will retain access to the GTA AirPods if you cancel your GTA+ subscription.

Once you've redeemed them and added them to your collection, you should just have them registered to your account forever at that point. Even still, if that's not the case, you can always redeem them again if you re-subscribe. So long as they're not removed from the game, at least.

All in all, your only chance of getting the AirPods in GTA Online is to purchase GTA+. It's unfortunate, but probably the standard as we look towards more GTA Online content. For something that won't break the bank, feel free to check out our list of the best free action games if you're looking for something else to play between the next big GTA Online update.

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