What does luck do in God of War Ragnarok?

Kratos fighting in God of War Ragnarok

Kratos fighting in God of War Ragnarok

If you're playing the game and not quite what luck does in God of War Ragnarok, this is everything you need to know. Being one of the least explained stats, you may be a little confused as you finally start to create your build. This should alleviate some of that.

As well as going over what the God of War Ragnarok luck stat is, we'll explore how to upgrade your luck, why you should do so, and the best way to get hacksilver earlier on. This is the main currency linked to the luck stat, so it's key to know how you can accrue more.

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What does luck do in God of War Ragnarok?

In the main menu, you can click the triangle button to display all stats and what they mean. In there, it says that luck is used to:

Gain additional rewards, and activate chance abilities more often

Essentially, this increases the amount of hacksilver and crafting you find in chests, and pick up from battle. It also gives bonuses to activated abilities, making you more likely to do more damage or have some special effect like critical hits.

Luck is one of the hardest skills to see in pure numbers, but is really important in defining your build. If you need to upgrade your resources, you should commit to your luck stat, to always have a passive chance of extra rewards.

All stats in God of War Ragnarok, including the luck stat
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How do I upgrade luck in God of War Ragnarok?

Luck can be upgraded in a few main ways. First, as you travel the world and move through the seas in your boat, you will find parts of the Yggdrasil tree that will grant you stat buffs. You can get a few that give an extra two points in luck, if you happen to come across them.

This being said, upgrading your gear is the most efficient way of upgrading your luck in God of War Ragnarok. Each piece of your loadout will focus on a different build type. By upgrading your luck, you may lose out on some vitality or defence but it's worth it to have a well-rounded loadout.

Therefore, look out for gear that has a luck buff, and equip those if you want to focus on this stat for your build.

How to farm Hacksilver in God of War Ragnarok

Hacksilver is the main currency in God of War Ragnarok, earned from chests, killing enemies, and looting anything you possibly can. If you're looking for more hacksilver, you should do the game's side quests. These will let you find new chests, come across new combat encounters, and give you more lore. Crucially though, they will also give you items you can sell to Brok and Sindri.

Upgrading your luck will significantly increase the amount you earn while you play. As such, if you want to purchase the most expensive gear in the game, you'll want to crank up your luck stat.

That's it for our look at luck in God of War Ragnarok! If you want to know even more, here's how to parry and how to fast travel in God of War Ragnarok.

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