Games like Redfall - Our top picks available now

The player character holding a gun while their teammate forms a shield in Redfall.

The player character holding a gun while their teammate forms a shield in Redfall.

If you're looking for some games like Redfall, you're in luck. The upcoming game from Arkane Studios, the developers behind titles such as Dishonored, Prey, and Deathloop, is almost here. Despite being a four-player co-op shooter, Redfall looks to immerse players in a small town in Massachusetts that has been taken over by bloodsucking vampires.

With a release date of May 2, Redfall is a bit of a way off. But if you’re looking for something to play while waiting, fear not, as we've got you covered with a list of games that are sure to scratch that Redfall itch.

Best games like Redfall

  • Left 4 Dead
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Borderlands
  • Far Cry
  • Dying Light
  • Dishonored

Left 4 Dead

A zombie clown from Left 4 Dead stands under a sign.
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Left 4 Dead, the granddaddy of four-player cooperative shooters, first released in 2008 and was followed up with a sequel in 2009. Surprisingly, these games still hold up remarkably well even compared to modern releases.

The simple yet satisfying gameplay loop of rushing through levels towards saferooms while mowing down hordes of zombies remains an incredibly tense experience. Despite lacking modern mechanics like the ability to ADS and a progression system, Left 4 Dead's chunky and satisfying gunplay and special infected enemies keep things interesting.

The mere sound of a witch's cry or the start of the tank music still sends shivers down the spine and induces panic. So, who cares about missing mechanics when you can experience the thrill of surviving the apocalypse with friends?

Back 4 Blood

The Back 4 Blood loading screen. A group of survivors stand in a red "4" with guns raised, surrounded by hordes of zombies.
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If Left 4 Dead is the grandaddy of four-player cooperative shooters, then 2021s Back 4 Blood is its Gen-Z grandchild. It’s got ADS, it’s got cosmetics and character progression - the latter tied to an overly complex card system - and it’s also much prettier than its forebearer.

And honestly… it’s missing a lot of Left 4 Dead’s character and charm. But, and it’s a big but, Back 4 Blood is still a good time. Developed by the same developers as Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is an attempt at updating that near-perfect formula for a modern audience. And while it’s a bit hit or miss, the aforementioned card system being the main culprit, the game is still great fun when played with three friends.


An image of the psycho character from Borderlands.
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Released in 2009 - it was a good year for four-player cooperative shooters - Borderlands is an over-the-top FPS that features a cast of wacky characters and over a gazillion guns. Its gorgeous cel-shaded art style gives it a timeless appearance, and the writing and dialogue can, at times, be genuinely hilarious. However, the most important aspect of the game is its incredibly satisfying combat mechanics. Each character has their own special abilities, ranging from a placable sentry turret to an eagle that attacks enemies. Add in a variety of elemental effects and gazillion guns and you’re in for a good time.

The game spawned three sequels: Borderlands 2 in 2012, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in 2014, and Borderlands 3 in 2019. While admittedly they are all essentially the same game, it's a good game, so who really cares?

Far Cry

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The villains of the Far Cry games in a promotional image. From left to right: Vaas from FC3, Joseph Seed from FC5, and Antón Castillo from FC6.
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The Far Cry series is a gaming staple at this point. Its open-world formula of crafting upgrades and taking over enemy camps has been imitated countless times, for better or worse. The Far Cry franchise still manages to stand out with its unique settings, charismatic villains, and intense gameplay. Each game takes place in a different location, from tropical islands to the Himalayas, a fictional county in Montana, and even back to the Mesolithic period. These locations are brought to life with stunning visuals, immersive soundscapes, and dynamic wildlife that make them feel alive and unpredictable.

While the narratives of the Far Cry games can be hit or miss, the franchise provides a great sandbox for players to conduct all-out guerrilla warfare on pirates, PMCs, and even religious doomsday cults. The series' villains are also a standout feature, with the likes of Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min becoming fan favourites. They add a unique layer of depth to the games, elevating them beyond simple shoot-em-ups.

Dying Light

A promotional image for Dying Light 2, showing a character falling through the air while grappling with a zombie.
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Talking of Far Cry clones, what if someone took Far Cry, added zombies, put it in a big climbable city, and then chucked in some parkour for good measure? Well, you’d get Techland’s Dying Light. Okay, calling this free-running zombie smash-a-thon a Far Cry clone is probably doing a disservice to just how fun these games are.

Released in 2015, Dying Light was seen by many as just being Dead Island with added parkour, when in reality it was just Dead Island but actually good. Jokes aside - I liked Dead Island by the way - Dying Light improved upon everything that was in Dead Island. The gameplay mechanics are very satisfying, allowing players to traverse the post-apocalyptic world with ease and perform kickass parkour moves while taking on hordes of zombies. The day and night cycle adds a unique twist, as players must avoid the more powerful and agile Volatile zombies during the night while scavenging for resources and completing quests during the day.


A promotional image for Dishonored, showing assassin Corvo Attano perched on a rooftop, his target stands inside through a window.
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Dishonored and its sequel Dishonored 2 are two fantastic games that offer an immersive world, exciting gameplay, and an engaging story. With the freedom to approach each mission with stealth or brute force, players can tailor their experience to their preferences. Additionally, the game's use of supernatural abilities adds another layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to experiment with different playstyles and combinations of powers. The level design is also top-notch, offering multiple paths and hidden areas to explore.

The game's visually striking steampunk setting is complemented by the intriguing characters and lore that make it feel like a living, breathing world. And with the ability to influence the story and ending through player choices, Dishonored offers plenty of replay value

For more Redfall, check out our preview of the upcoming game here. We've also got a look at its Game Pass release date, alongside news on whether it's coming to PlayStation.

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