Fortnite - How to get Nimbus Cloud and ride it

Image of Goku riding a Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite.

Image of Goku riding a Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite.

Looking to get Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite? This special power from the Dragon Ball franchise has arrived in Epic Games' hit battle royale as part of the ongoing crossover, and it can completely change your approach to matches. Getting Nimbus Cloud is a surefire way to success, so you'll want to learn everything you can about it.

In this Fortnite guide, we'll explain how to get the Nimbus Cloud power so you can zip around the island in no time. That's alongside a look at exactly what Nimbus Cloud does, so you know what it'll do to augment your gameplay and push you towards a Victory Royale.

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How do I get Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite?

Following the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover, the Nimbus Cloud ability falls from the sky. Yes, similar to supply crates that fall from the clouds towards the end of a Fortnite match, the Nimbus Cloud arrives in a Capsule Corp loadout sporadically throughout games.

Once the Nimbus Cloud drops and hits the ground, it'll be a race against time to arrive and equip it before any other players. Since it is such a useful power, many players will be trying to get it at any given time, so you may have to fend off others to secure it.

If you do manage to get there first, simply hold down the action button to equip Nimbus Cloud. You should retain it for as long as you stay alive - though having it equipped will certainly help in that scenario anyway.

What does Nimbus Cloud do in Fortnite?

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Nimbus Cloud is so desirable in Fortnite due to the incredible powers of traversal it imbues upon anyone wielding it. Unlike other abilities, this beam of energy allows you to ride it across the island to move very quickly compared to running or using other vehicles.

As in the Dragon Ball anime, it takes the shape of a yellowish cloud upon which your character can mantle and ride around. However, it's currently unclear how long you can use it for prior to a cooldown period. The chances are you won't be able to use it in an unlimited capacity, to prevent players from simply flying around and waiting for other players to take each other out to claim an easy win.

Nonetheless, the Nimbus Cloud power is likely to shake up Fortnite quite drastically. Now, players with it equipped can dash away from tough gunfights, or zoom around the island to loop up early on. Even better, more Nimbus Cloud drops arrive at an increased rate towards the end of a match, so you may well end up with one at a crucial point.

That's it for our look at how to get the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite! While you're here, read up on how to get the Kamehameha power, as well as a look at all the new Dragon Ball skins available now.

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