How to gather laid eggs in Fortnite

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Mega City in Fortnite

Fortnite's new egg mechanics throws a wrench into the works of most matches. Giving you the ability to restore shields, gain gold bars, or develop a much larger jump, you may not be wondering how to gather laid eggs in Fortnite. This is everything we know about them from their location to how they work and why you should gather them.

How to gather laid eggs in Fortnite

Laid eggs are found all around the map, and you don't have to go to a specific location to get your hands on them.

Generally speaking, they won't appear in buildings, so walk out into the grassy areas and check the ground. They are pretty easy to spot and chickens will lay them.

This means that if you don't find any, just follow a chicken around until they lay them. Golden eggs drop gold bars when cracked, the blue eggs give you an extra long jump (and some health), and the green Laid Eggs just give you health back.

You don't need to physically gather eggs to complete the Spring challenge. You can hold them in your inventory or eat them straight off the ground. If you find them at the start of the match, you can top up your shields and finish the challenge in one go.


As the Spring Breakout challenge has just arrived, it seems likely that there will be more eggs coming over the next week or so. Though eggs aren't quite good enough to get a spot in your inventory, it may be worth eating one from the floor when combat gets particularly hectic. The extra jump could be particularly valuable when building.

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