Fortnite Discord quest list - How to get the Fortnite Discord rewards

The Fortnite Discord quest rewards.

It's time to clear the Fortnite Discord quest list again. Fortnite is secretly one big collect-a-thon, and even Discord isn't safe from its clutches. It's not the first time the two big names in the gaming space have teamed up, but the September 2022 refresh offers three new cosmetic items for you to nab in much the same way you would any other in-game goodie.

Down below, we're going to run through the process of getting the Fortnite Discord quests, providing a list of official Fortnite Discord channels, and giving some hints to help along the way. They're not particularly challenging missions, but with rewards that certainly fall short of a cool exclusive skin, that's to be expected. Still: free is free.

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How to start Fortnite Discord quests

The latest Fortnite Discord quests arrived on September 28. They came out of the blue and the game doesn't make much mention of them, so if you haven't been keeping up with the social media channels, you likely don't know how to even start them.

Join the official Fortnite Discord

To get the ball rolling, you need to know how to get the Fortnite Discord quests: obviously. All you need to do is sign up for Discord if you haven't already (it's free) and then join one of the many official Fortnite Discord channels.

Your option here will likely depend on your preferred language. Here's the list:

Accept the rules

Once you're in, you'll likely need to scroll down a welcome post and tick a little box to confirm that you're not a bot and willing to adhere to the server's rules. It's standard stuff.

Starting the Fortnite Discord quests.
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Find the Fortnite Discord quests channel

Now that you're all settled in, click the dark F icon on the left side of the Discord window to view the Fortnite Discord server if you're not already looking at it.

From there, look down the channel list to the right of that until you see the Fortnite Paradise dropdown. In there, you'll see two channels: paradise-new-season and paradise-quest.

Click onto paradise-quest and click the start button beneath the post with the new season skin.

Link your Epic Games account to Discord

If you haven't already done so, you'll be asked to link your Epic Games account to Discord as soon as you press that start button. This is the same as your Fortnite account. It's how Discord sends and tracks the missions to your game, so it's an important step.

Just click the Link Epic Games Account button that appears from Paradise Fortnite Bot as a second post in that paradise-quest channel and follow the instructions. It's as easy as entering your account email and password.

Accept the Fortnite Discord quests

With that done, you should be told to close the browser tab and go back into Discord. If things don't refresh automatically at that point, just click the Start button on that first post again and you should get the Fortnite Discord quests.

You'll get one quest at a time, but you're free to request a new one by clicking the button beneath the new third post in that channel.

Why didn't my Fortnite Discord mission complete?

If you're struggling to complete a Fortnite Discord mission after doing the assigned task, it's likely just a delay in the service.

As the post says, it can take up an hour for Fortnite to relay your Discord mission progress back to the service/ As you won't get another mission until Discord knows you've cleared it, you just have to wait for it to get the all-clear from Fortnite.

Fortnite Discord quest list - All Fortnite Discord missions

Here's the growing list of Fortnite Discord missions.

  1. Assist teammates with 10 eliminations
    1. This one's easy. Just hop into a non-solo game and shoot enemies with your team. If they die, you'll get a point toward this.
  2. Coming soon.
  3. Coming soon.
    1. This unlocks the second Fortnite Discord quest reward.
  4. Coming soon.
  5. Coming soon.
  6. Coming soon.
    1. This unlocks the third and final Fortnite Discord quest reward.

As you can tell, you need to complete six quests to get every Discord Fortnite reward.

The Fortnite Discord quest rewards.
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What are the Fortnite Discord quest rewards?

For going through the process of accepting and completing the Fortnite Discord quests, you'll get the following rewards:

  1. Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon
  2. Banana Flip Loading Screen
  3. Chrome Flow Wrap

You need to complete one Fortnite Discord quest for the first, three for the second, and all six tasks for the final reward.

We'll update this page as more Discord Fortnite quests and rewards come in. But for now, check out how Fortnite legend Ninja pledged to recreate the most 2012 selfie you’ve ever seen. It's straight out of the Reddit meta of yesteryear.

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