Fortnite Christmas Truck location - Sgt. Winter spawn spots and rewards

Multiple characters are fighting each other in Fortnite.

Multiple characters are fighting each other in Fortnite.

Even though it's nothing new, learning how to find the Fortnite Christmas Truck this year will get heaps of new Fortnite players some very cool weapons and rewards. Sgt. Winter and his mad motor is back, so just read on to find out how to scout out Fortnite Christmas Truck locations in each match.

Christmas is one of the year’s most magical and special times. Most video game developers care about people who celebrate Christmas and try to release thematic updates to bring a unique Christmas atmosphere into the game. Epic Games, with its Fortnite Christmas Truck, is not an exception.

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How to find the Fortnite Christmas Truck in Fortnite - Sgt. Winter locations

Like in the past years of the event, the Sgt. Winter Fortnite Christmas Truck can be found virtually anywhere on the island: but only in one place per match. And, unlike the Darth Vadar landings, you can't trace its path as you jump from the Battle Bus.

The Christmas Truck does not have a specific spawn point and can set up shop across the whole island, but a snowy biome is the most likely area where a Truck can be spawned. It's Christmas, after all.

Here are a few specific tips that might help you find the Fortnite Christmas Truck this year.

Land in a snowy area

The Christmas Truck can sometimes be visible while you fly down from the Battle Bus using your glider. Fly low and glide and across as much of a snowy area as you can to quickly scout it out

Focus on any main roads, streets, and other clear locations where the Fortnite Christmas Truck can technically spawn.

Search the middle of the map

Even though it might sound evident, the Christmas Truck is more likely to spawn in the central locations on the map. It doesn't mean you should pick locations where most PvP fights happen, but you should aim to land somewhere near the center of the map. You can be sure that there are various safe places here. So, you can survive even if you are a beginner.

Use vehicles

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The last working piece of advice for finding a Christmas Truck in Fortnite is to use a vehicle. Once you've scanned an area with a glider, the next-best way to quickly comb through the area is to use a fast car. This one just makes sense.

Two characters in Fortnite.
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Fortnite Christmas Truck rewards - What can you get?

Once you know where to find a Christmas Truck and the best tips for doing it, it's time to dream of what you might get from it.

Searching for the Truck disables you from following the game timings. You get much fewer resources than other players. Therefore, the Christmas Truck has to boast significant rewards.

Fortunately, the rewards from the Christmas Trucks are really good. Once you find the truck, it will drop the special box with presents. You only need to break this box to get your gifts. It can be everything, from legendary guns to grenades and pickable items increasing your stamina.

That’s it with the Christmas Truck in Fortnite. Also, you should keep in mind that many people try to find a holiday truck every round. So, you should be pretty careful while looking for your Christmas present in Fortnite. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to change character in Fortnite.

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