Fortnite: How To Use Tents

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In Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic Games has introduced the Tents into Fortnite. This new feature can store items and heal characters in the match.

Potentially, this feature's benefits can help turn matches in your favour, so here's how to use them.

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How To Use Tents

In matches, players can find Tents across the map. This new feature is similar to Campfires but goes beyond healing character's health. This portable item can also be used for allies, allowing it to be a supportive item for any player who can carry it in fights.

To interact with Tents, interact with it from your inventory. Players can then choose if they want to "Rest" or "Manage Inventory" inside the Tent.

Why Use Tents

Tents offer two major features, healing and its storage. When entering inside, players can heal their health up while staying inside it or store loot. Loots stored inside the Tent can be withdrawn in the same game or a different match, which can turn the tides of a fight if you've got the right gun or item.

The first two storage slots will be free while the third and fourth slots will require Bars to use. Overall, the Tent can be a portable fortress, helping you win a difficult match.

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