FIFA 23 - Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives tips and rewards

Image of Owen Wijnal in FIFA 23.

Image of Owen Wijnal in FIFA 23.

Excited for the FIFA 23 Eredivisie Squad Foundation objectives? Each year in the new FIFA game, a bunch of league-specific objectives emerge with the chance to snag yourself some upgraded players free of charge. This year we're back to the Dutch league, with some fantastic cards up for grabs.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Eredivisie Squad Foundations objective series. That includes the players set to be available, as well as how to get them, and when they should come out.

Elsewhere, check out some FIFA 23 ratings to see where your favourite players rank this year. We've also got a detailed guide on the web app, which you can access now to start trading and earning coins.

What are the FIFA 23 Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives?

The Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives are a series of in-game quests that should arrive very soon in FIFA 23. Squad Foundations are a common bracket of objectives in each annual entry, allowing players to unlock upgraded players from less popular leagues.

In FIFA 22, the Eredivisie Squad Foundations offered four special cards as a reward for completing several in-game tasks. They ranged from winning a certain number of games using Eredivisie players to scoring finesse goals in Squad Battles mode. While the new objectives haven't been announced yet, they'll likely be similar.

Crucially, EA Sports has yet to officially confirm the existence of Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives so far. As you'll see below, we're currently going off leaks, though there's a very good chance they'll arrive in-game within the next few days.

Image of Pedro Marques in FIFA 23.
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Which players are available through Eredivisie Squad Foundations in FIFA 23?

As of right now, EA Sports has yet to confirm which players will be available in upgraded form via the Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives. However, reliable FIFA leaker Fut Sheriff has shared four players who you'll supposedly be able to unlock.

As you can see, there are four players up for grabs, all with slight upgrades on their base cards. The most desired will no doubt be Ajax full-back Owen Wijndal, as well as the Portuguese striker Pedro Marques, currently playing for NEC Nijmegen. With impressive pace and physical stats, there's a good chance he'll be one of those coveted lengthy strikers.

When do the Eredivisie Squad Foundations release in FIFA 23?

At the time of writing, there isn't a concrete release date for the Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives in FIFA 23. As mentioned, EA Sports has yet to speak out on the leaks. However, Fut Sheriff's credibility within the FIFA scene makes it more than likely that the leaks are legit, and we should hear something soon.

For our money, you'll see these new player in objectives either on October 14 or October 21. EA always drops new players on Fridays, so it if isn't this week it'll probably be the next.

Of course, as soon as we have confirmation, we'll update this guide!

Eredivisie Squad Foundations objectives tips

As soon as we have confirmation on the existence of this set of objectives, we'll update this section to provide some short tips to help unlock these players more quickly.

Until then, feel free to check out our picks of the best lengthy players, alongside some tips on how to perform the overpowered Power Shot in FIFA 23 matches!

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