How to find and change the Final Fantasy XIV screenshot folder location

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An image of a rogue in a red bandanna from Final Fantasy XIV posing in front of a glamour dresser, in preparation for taking screenshots for his screenshot folder.

Finding the Final Fantasy XIV screenshot folder location can be a pain for any first-time g-poser. If you’ve grown attached to your Warrior of Light, you’ll probably want to snap a few screenshots of them. But finding them after the fact? They can be deep in the recesses of your game's install drive by default.

Taking screenshots is as simple as pressing the print screen key or LB+Start on a controller. Complete with a shutter sound, you'll see a chat log message saying “screenshot saved.” So where'd it go? We’re here to help you on your Final Fantasy XIV fashionista journey, and this quick-fire guide will tell you where the screenshot folder is located, as well as how to customise it.

Where is the screenshot folder for Final Fantasy XIV?

By default, the screenshot folder should be located in the following file path:

C:\ Users \ YourName* \ Documents \ My games \ Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn \ Screenshots.

*This will be dependent on what you've saved your user name as on your computer.

This is where any screenshot you’ve saved via the in-game hotkey will be located. By default, they should be saved in a PNG format. If you want to take better screenshots, use the group pose.

You can access this by typing /gpose in the chat box, or by going to “Character”, then “Actions & Traits”, then “Extras”, then “Group Pose.” You can right-click the icon there to enter group pose, or even assign it to a hotbar.

An image of a rogue from Final Fantasy XIV swiping through his tomestone as he configures his screenshot folder settings, with arrows pointed to the "Other" tab and the "Change Folder" button.
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How to change the screenshot folder for Final Fantasy XIV

If you’d like to change where your screenshots are deposited (for example, to place them on a different drive for storage reasons) it’s as simple as opening your options menu.

Hit escape or click the “System” button on your main menu display. Then head to “System Configuration”, then “Other Settings” (the button should look like an ellipsis, or three dots in a row).


At the top of the window, you’ll be able to change the screenshot format. Underneath, your current screenshot folder will be displayed above a “Change Folder” button.

Click the button and you’ll be able to enter a new file path. If you’re worried about entering it incorrectly, make the folder first and source the directory from the address bar in your file explorer.

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