How to get the Lalafell Lifter in FFXIV

The Lalafell Lifter with a Midlander for scale in FFXIV.

The Lalafell Lifter with a Midlander for scale in FFXIV.

Tired of struggling to talk with the tallfolk? Need a lift when you're feeling down? You need to know how to get the Lalafell Lifter in FFXIV. It's a unique furniture item that isn't at all a baby's high chair repurposed for the game's shorter warriors of light, but it sure does look like one.

Added in patch 6.35, the new housing item is causing arguments between those who think it's a cruel jab and those who think it's a function piece of furniture that's being blown out of proportion. If you're in need of a boost, though, here's how to get your hands (or bum) on the new chair.

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FFXIV Lalafell Lifter locations

Though it probably would have fetched a pretty penny on the marketboard for the memes, you don't need to spend millions on the Lalafell Lifter or break out a complicated macro to craft it. You can buy it from a vendor for 2,000 Gil.

Just check the list below and aim for the NPC that's closest to your house.

Housing Merchant
Mist (X:10.8 Y:11.5)
Apartment Merchant
Topmast Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Apartment Merchant
Lily Hills Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Housing Merchant
The Lavender Beds (X:11.7 Y:8.3)Other Locations
Apartment Merchant
Sultana's Breath Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Housing Merchant
The Goblet (X:11.4 Y:9.4)Other Locations
Housing Merchant
Empyreum (X:10.2 Y:11.9)Other Locations
Junk Monger
Ingleside Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:5.9)
Apartment Merchant
Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby (X:6.1 Y:6.0)
Housing Merchant
Shirogane (X:10.0 Y:11.9)Other Locations

You can buy as many of these as you can so long as you have the Gil. Just grab a bunch and set them up around a table, by an entranceway, or wherever else you feel they're appropriate.

The point of them is, as the name suggests, to lift a Lalafell to a more natural position in line with taller races when they're sat at a table. And it's all by choice, too.

If the Lalafell in your life doesn't have a problem not quite being at eye level with the people they're sharing a meal or a meeting with, offer them a regular seat. If they don't want people looking down at them, drag out the Lalafell Lifter.

A character sitting on the Lalafell Lifter in FFXIV.
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Can other races use the Lalafell Lifter?

Absolutely. There's no race restriction to the Lalafell lifter. Any character can sit on the chair with the usual /sit command.

Can you dye the Lalafell Lifter?

Right now, no. In fact, one of the arguments surrounding the Lalafell Lifter is that you can't dye it from its supposedly baby-ish colour scheme. You can't dye the Lalafell Lifter to coordinate with your other furniture themes.

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