Final Fantasy XIV Expert Roulette dungeon list - Current dungeon pool and rewards

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An image of a monsterous boss from Final Fantasy XIV's Expert Roulette. He is a bestial, fish-like humanoid with sharp claws.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker features a lot of dungeons to delve into. Upon hitting max level and finishing the Main Scenario Quest for Endwalker, you might be excited to get stuck into the Expert Roulette only to find that it’s still locked. So how do you unlock it? You need to have unlocked everything from the Expert Roulette dungeons list for the latest patch.

This roulette contains two dungeons which change with each major patch, with the newest always pushing out the oldest until only two remain. Running the Expert Roulettle rewards a good chunk of Gil as well as the latest tomestones used to buy new gear. You'll want to rush to unlock it again with each major patch before you lose a day or two worth of quick and easy tomestone progress.

Final Fantasy XIV Expert Roulette dungeon list

Fortunately, your precious tomestones and gear upgrades aren't too far away; unlocking the Expert Roulette is a simple process. Here’s our handy list of the requirements you’ll need to meet to unlock the Expert Roulette and get your hands on its rewards.

Here are the current dungeons you need to complete to access the Expert Roulette, as well as which Main Scenario Quests are required to unlock them. To queue for an Expert Roulette, you must be on a combat job of level 90, and you must have completed the Main Scenario Quest, “Endwalker”.

Dungeon Name Unlock Quest Item Level Requirement
Alzadaal's Legacy“Alzadaal's Legacy” Main Scenario Quest560
The Fell Court of Troia“In Search of Azdaja” Main Scenario Quest575
Lapis Manalis“King of the Mountain” Main Scenario Quest590

As of patch 6.3, the current Expert Roulette features The Fell Court of Troia and Lapis Manalis, while the 6.1 dungeon, Alzadaal’s Legacy, can be found on the Level 90 Dungeons roulette instead.

An image of a warrior from Final Fantasy XIV demonstrating the Main Scenario Guide, which directs the player to quests needed for the Expert Roulette.
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How to continue the Main Scenario Quest

If you’re a returning player, you might find yourself confused as to where to pick up on Final Fantasy XIV’s story. Simply navigate to the scenario guide, which should be at the top left of your screen by default.'

Don't see it? It’s not uncommon for people to hide this HUD element when they’re all caught up just to reduce screen clutter.


If this is the case, simply navigate to the “System” menu, select “HUD Layout”, and find the “Scenario Guide” UI Element. Go to that element’s settings via the cog next to “Current UI Element” and check the “Display Element” box. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, you can simply right-click the element itself to show or hide it.

An image demonstrating where in the HUD Layout system a player can find the Scenario Guide to unlock the Expert Roulette, as well as the location of the settings button.
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Once you have access to the scenario guide, simply click on it and the game will direct you to your next quest. Get to the point where is says "to be continued" and you'll have unlocked every dungeon needed for the Expert Roulette option.

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