Does Evil West have co-op?

Image of a female character in Evil West.

Image of a female character in Evil West.

Now that the game is out, you may want to know how the Evil West co-op mode works. In this guide, we'll go over everything we know about co-op, from the caveats of using it to how you activate it, as well as breaking down New Game+ and how multiplayer works there.

If you're playing Evil West on some of the game's harder modes, you may really struggle to beat the toughest bosses. Co-op is a great way of getting through that, and just a nice way to play a new game with your friends.

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Does Evil West have a co-op mode?

Yes, Evil West does have a co-op mode! As such, you and one other player can blast through the game together. In order to play the game in co-op, you'll have to beat the first mission. Co-op makes the game a little easier for you to get through, which comes in handy during tough sequences.

After you have beaten the first mission, you can join Evil West's co-op mode from the main menu. Unfortunately, if you join someone else's lobby, it only furthers their game's story. Either, you finish the entire game on someone else's game or take it in turns. On top of that, you also cannot play the game in co-op on its permadeath mode.

Is there an Evil West New Game+ Mode?

You unlock a New Game+ mode after beating the game. You don't have to do anything specific to do so, just finish the story. You will then get the opportunity from the main menu to either start a new game or start a New Game+, with all your upgrades in tow.

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