EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions explained

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EA Sports FC 24 Pep Guardiola standing in front of whiteboard with drawings on
Credit: EA Sports
September 26, 2023: Struggling to understand EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions? Check out our guide for everything there is to know.

EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions are one of several new additions to EA's footballing franchise. EA Sports FC 24 marks a new era for the series and to mark it, the developer is introducing a wealth of innovations designed to enhance Career Mode.

While the focus of many will be on Ultimate Team and the new UCL Heroes arriving, Career Mode gives fans the ability to take charge of their favourite team or start from the bottom of the ladder and work their way up to the very top.

Before we take a closer look at EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions, check out our guides showcasing the best Founders Evolution players and all there is to know about the web app.

What are EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions?

Tactical Visions in EA Sports FC 24 allow players to take control of how a team approaches their football.

This is particularly useful when attempting to create an attacking and defensive style that increases the chances of winning games against the trickiest of opponents.

At launch, there are a total of seven EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Visions to choose from:

  • Standard - A balanced approach to a match.
  • Wing Play - Using the full width of the pitch with overlapping full-backs
  • Tiki-Taka - Possession-based. Lots of passing and chances to play the ball to attackers running in behind the defensive line.
  • Counter-Attack - Defensive style with a focus on fast attacking once the ball is regained.
  • Gegenpressing - The team tries to win the ball back in the opponent's half as quickly as possible.
  • Kick and Rush - Utilises the strength of players. Allows players to move the ball forward quickly to the strikers behind the defenders.
  • Park the Bus - Heavy focus on defending. Designed to throttle any attacking opportunities before attempting to move forward.
EA Sports FC 24 Vinicius Jr performing the shush celebration
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Credit: EA

All Tactical Visions can be used with any formation in EA Sports FC 24. Ultimately, it's down to you to decide which tactics suit your team the best.

EA Sports FC 24 Tactical Vision scouting explained

In addition to the Tactical Visions for the entire team, the EA Sports FC 24 scouting system now considers players that will fit into the system the team operates with.


For example, if you're after a new central midfielder for your Tiki-Taka system, the scouts will focus on searching for players with excellent positioning and short passing.

Looking for the next Tiki-Taka wonderkid? The scouts will have you covered.

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