EA Sports FC 24 Switch - What has changed?

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Screenshot of EA Sports FC 24 Erling Haaland in the air trying to reach a football
Credit: EA
September 27, 2023: Thinking about purchasing EA Sports FC 24 on Switch? Find all there is to know about this particular version of the game in our guide showcasing all of the changes made.

Searching for EA Sports FC 24 Switch information? You've come to the right place ahead of kick-off. The new era of EA's footballing franchise is on the horizon and the developer is continuing to uncover a wealth of new information on what EA Sports FC 24 has in store.

With pre-orders now live, you can choose to play Career Mode or Ultimate Team on a variety of platforms with a Switch allowing you to take the action anywhere you like.

But, before we reveal more about the Switch version of EA Sports FC 24, take a look at our guides containing information on early access and whether the game will appear on Game Pass.

EA Sports FC 24 Switch - What's new?

So far, the only major change to the Switch version of EA Sports FC 24 is that the game will now run on the Frostbite engine for the very first time. Frostbite is used for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation versions of the game and is bound to significantly improve graphical quality and performance.

EA has also shared other innovations impacting gameplay using Nintendo's console:

Touch Screen Zoom & Touch Screen Navigation

When playing the game in handheld mode, you will be able to interact with the screen and zoom-in and out by using the pinch to zoom technique:

  • Touch the screen with 2 fingers
  • To zoom in, move your fingers away from one another, while touching the screen.
  • To zoom out, move your fingers closer to one another, while touching the screen.

Releasing the screen will maintain the zoom % at the current level for 5 seconds after which it will default back to 100%.

You can also navigate through the menus, or set up match instructions just by using the Touch Screen support. Simply tap on any interactive button or element within the game to select it.

Touch Screen support does not extend to gameplay.

Both options can be turned on or off by going to the Accessibility Settings.

Single Joy-Con multiplayer

The split Joy-Con support allows you and your friends to play multiplayer co-op or 1v1 using a single set of Joy-Con controllers.

The feature can be enabled in the Select a Side screen by pressing the Y button.

From here you can change the controllers by pressing SL and SR simultaneously on each Joy-Con.

Once you’ve settled on the desired configuration you can press ready on each Joy-Con to return to the game.

Local Seasons

Local Seasons is a unique mode on Switch that allows you to play with another Switch player if you are within close proximity to one another (10 metres).

It relies solely on the Switch's built-in WiFi so that you can play even if you’re not connected to a network, making it a great way for you and your friends to enjoy EA SPORTS FC 24 while travelling or in remote locations with limited network availability.


To access the mode you need to go to Local Seasons in the Main Menu and select Enter seasons at the same time as the other console.

Screenshot of EA Sports FC 24 Etihad Stadium
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Credit: EA

Does EA Sports FC 24 Switch have Ultimate Team?

It's unclear if the Switch version of EA Sports FC 24 will feature a fully-fledged version of Ultimate Team. Previous releases contained limited versions of the hugely popular mode and with EA upgrading the engine to Frostbite, there's always a chance of Ultimate Team appearing on Nintendo's console.

For now, we'll have to wait and see if EA plans on bringing Ultimate Team to all current-gen consoles.

EA Sports FC 24 release date

EA Sports FC 24 will release on September 29, 2023. Those that choose to pre-order the Ultimate Edition will have a week of early access, meaning you can start playing as early as September 22.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about EA Sports FC 24 on Switch so far. If more information from EA appears, we'll have all the important intel you need. For more football, take a look at our guides showcasing the Heroes and Icons expected to feature.

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